interpretative wedding inspiration

Whimsical wedding style

Weddings and travel have always been traditionally linked – dream weddings are followed by dream honeymoons! The idea of celebrating the Big Day in a distant place as a destination wedding has been becoming more and more popular. With this idea, we wanted to stage the celebration itself as a journey. Wedding planner Tatiana de Weber and photographer Heike Möllers give young love wings with this editorial shoot titled Flyaway. In a setting that is imaginative, the … [Continue reading]

how to throw a mid-century welcome party

Wedding Welcome Party

From the photographer, Melissa Desjardins – Why a Welcome Party: By hosting a welcome party for guests who are coming from out-of-town, or who don’t necessarily know each other, you are creating a more intimate and meaningful experience for them. When they meet again at the wedding everyone will have a much more enjoyable time! Why Mid-Century: The concept for the welcome party was inspired by a time when cocktail parties were a popular social … [Continue reading]

rich and artful wedding

Dutch Floral Wedding

Clearly inspired by Dutch floral paintings, this rich and artful wedding inspiration shoot from Whittaker Portraits and Something Blue mixes a modernly chic sentiment with classic touches. Heavy chairs set against industrial walls, luxurious gold flatware, floral paintings reflected by the reception centerpiece, modern invitations paired with classic calligraphy, and the piece de resistance: a hand painted floral backdrop that upon closer inspection comes to … [Continue reading]

kinfolk bridal session

Kinfolk Themed Wedding

From Alina Suleymanova of Studio Voile – “The concept for this bridal inspiration shoot came from reading issues of Kinfolk Magazine. We decided to imagine a modern bride who has chosen freedom, naturalness, and mindful minimalism as her life’s credo.” “We feel as though the Kinfolk bride is constantly in the process of self-improvement, acknowledging her strengths and shortcomings. She lives a life with no burden from trends, limitations, and … [Continue reading]

hawaii jungle elopement

Tropical floral centerpiece | Betty Globa Photography

From Richel & Mariah of For The Good Hawaii – “Imagine having an intimate elopement deep within the hidden jungles of Hawaii. Different than the shores of Waikiki or the Honolulu skyline, our team of talented wedding vendors, led by the planning and design of For The Good Hawaii, created a styled shoot in a newly discovered venue on Oahu.” “The Waikane Valley Estate is a privately owned area that is just starting to open up for elopements and … [Continue reading]

llamacorn bridal shower

Llamacorn bridal shower

Looking for a unique and out of the box theme to host an unforgettable bridal shower? Well, you're in luck, because Taylor and Hov Events and Design basically just handed you one on a rainbow-colored platter. They partnered with some seriously talented professionals in the Washington, DC events industry and hosted a playful Llamacorn themed bridal shower brunch at Artist's Proof In Georgetown! The theme, meant to be a spin-off of the ever so popular … [Continue reading]

destination wedding in lombardy, italy

Lombardy Italy Destination Wedding

On a cold rainy day one spring, Yana got lost in Milan looking for the train station. She went into a nearby restaurant and asked for directions. Luca, who helped her find the train station, found his way to her heart. Yana was in Milan for only a day en route to the Canary Islands to meet her friends for a holiday, not knowing she would be swept off feet by Luca in her moment to distress! After several months of romantic dating, endless flights and … [Continue reading]

oregon lighthouse wedding

Purple wedding cake | Georgina Ruth Photography

From Georgia Ruth Photography – “I'm continually mesmerized by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Oregon Coast and I felt drawn to create something in honor of that. Our goal for this wedding editorial was to embody and capture the soft, wild elegance of this coastline!” From Georgia Ruth Photography – “Our color palette was born out of the bold, rich, and deep colors that can be found on the most tempestuous days at the coast, and we were inspired by this … [Continue reading]

brooklyn love session

Brooklyn bridge , NYC engagement session | Julia Zaharova Photography

Dorsea & Racquel’s love session is in my opinion, a perfect one. Why? It’s beautifully shot by Belarussian photographer Julia Zaharova and the focus on the couple’s love for each other and their city – the place they call their home. It’s simple in concept, yet complicated in it’s compositions and utterly perfect as a source of inspiration for your own engagement, anniversary, or love session! *** Photography: Julia Zaharova Photography // … [Continue reading]

enchanted bridal fashion

Bella Belle Bridal Shoes

Inspired by Bella Belle’s Enchanted Collection today’s bridal fashion editorial is a work of art. Featuring favorites like boudoir pieces from Girl with a Serious Dream followed by wedding dresses from Galia Lahav and Watters, from head to toe there is plenty here to inspire a romantic look for your big day and all captured perfectly by Kurt Boomer. For Bella Belle’s Enchanted Collection, they teamed up with Joy Proctor of Joy Proctor Design to design … [Continue reading]

bookish wedding

Bibliophile | Book Lover's Wedding at the Brooklyn Art Library | Bashful Captures

For book lovers there couldn’t be a better place to get married than your local library or boutique book store! Today’s wedding venue is a special one, and one that bookish brides will adore: Brooklyn Art Library. The Brooklyn Art Library is a crowd-sourced library of handmade, one-of-a-kind artist sketchbooks in Williamsburg. Isn’t that so unique?! In addition to serving as an interactive reading room for the collection, the library also functions as a … [Continue reading]

quirky + colorful lisbon elopement

Candy themed wedding | Adriana Morais Fotografia

From Sofia of My Fancy Wedding – “The title for this elopement editorial is 'The Cactus & the Wallflower.' In this wedding we’re all about optimism and energy. Traveling through the gorgeous and historical streets of Lisbon, we present an artistic Brazilian couple in their 4th month anniversary and whose love and joy is really hard to contain!” “We wanted to show bursting-with-life and enthusiastic colors throughout the various elements and … [Continue reading]

mythical volga river elopement

Mythical Volga River Elopement

From Svetlana Strizhakova – “This elopement wedding inspiration shoot took place in a Cold Gully – a mystical place among the river Volga bank and it was inspired by story of the Mistress of Zhiguli Mountains in Samara…” “The Mistress, who lived in her chambers deeply inside the mountains, fell in love with a young man and took him into her underground chambers. Despite all the wealth and treasures that the Mistress had to offer, the young man was too sad … [Continue reading]

dreamy maui wedding

Maui destination wedding ceremony | Maui Maka Photography

From wedding coordinator Bliss – “Brittany and Harrison's intimate wedding on the southern shores of Maui was absolutely dreamy. From the bride's fairytale, strapless BHLDN wedding gown to the crystal chandeliers hanging from the trees and the soft floral accents, every detail was blissfully romantic. Luckily, Maui Maka Photography captured stunning moments from this special day, and it was every bit as amazing as we remembered!” From the bride, … [Continue reading]

spanish palace wedding

Destination wedding in Spain

From photographer Arturo Diluart – “The choice of this beautiful palace as a venue​ was due to its special charm, situated in the north of Spain.​ The beauty of nature surrounds (it even has its own orchard!) it and there is elegance around every corner. Without a doubt, El Palacio De la Vega​ is the best place for those who value the details and seek to have an intimate destination wedding in Spain with family and friends!” "Inspired by this … [Continue reading]

inspired elegance (+ a bacon bar!)

Wedding Bacon Bar

Sometimes mixing elements and styles is just the perfect way to go, and that's exactly what the ‘Inspired Elegance' photoshoot was all about. Ashley, with Ashley's Creative Catering, had a vision to mix the glam of chandeliers and crystal with the rustic and organic feeling of wood and metal. And, the result? Magical. Ashley put together a team of North Alabama wedding vendors to create this styled photoshoot that could make anyone feel right … [Continue reading]