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As a new blogger I look to other blogs for advice and inspiration. I’m not ashamed of that and when doing something new, don’t you look towards the pros? I mean, hey, a girl can dream. One blog I read avidly is Rock N Roll Bride. If you haven’t heard of it a. come out from under the rock you’re living under, and b. you probably have and just forgot. It’s run by Kat, a pink haired bloggerina who has a solid voice, posts offbeat inspirational weddings, and her Green Room articles keep me coming back weekly.

Her post today is titled Tough Love & Advice for Struggling Bloggers, and it is a brilliant one; a realistic look at wedding blogging. Kat has a pretty strong and loyal community of followers (of which I’m one) and I wanted to join in the conversation via the comments. However, apparently she thinks I’m spam because none of my comments have ever been published (sad face).

So be it.

But I’d still like to say something.

If you’re thinking of starting, or currently have a wedding blog you really should read her entire post, but to briefly summarize – she writes about the merits of working hard, finding a niche, trying out new things, moving on and reinventing when things don’t work out the way you planned, giving it time, and to not do it for the money. The comments on this article are great – lots of newbies and old timers piping up, offering advice, giving pats on the back, glimmers of hope, and talking about how and why each of their blogs got started – what inspired them to do it and keep doing it.

I wanted to chime in with my story.

Burnett’s Boards was conceived in March 2012. I’d just started an internship at Modern Weddings Hawaii (where I used to work), and was tasked with finding an inspiration board with a coral color theme, so I googled ‘wedding inspiration boards’ and found a few sites dedicated to these little works of art.

When looking through them though, I found my face smashed up against the screen, my eyes straining, and gray hair sprouting. The details on the boards were SO hard to see. Why? Because of the columns and columns of advertisements along the side. It was frustrating because I could feel myself falling in love with these shiny digital collages and wanted to see exactly what that pink splotch in the corner was.

That’s why I started Burnett’s Boards. My goal: to bring the biggest and brightest inspiration boards to you. How do I do that? By limiting sidebar advertisements and allowing the inspiration boards to expand. And in response to comments on how a vast majority of people will not make a ton of money with their blog – I’m ok with that.

I believe that in this consumer obsessed, advertising overloaded world readers appreciate eye candy, unadulterated by flashing logos and weight loss advertisements.

I’m ok knowing that I’ll never be rolling in the cash. I’ve got a little shop with some vendors I love, but that’s it. I do worry, sometimes, that because my header isn’t chock full of advertisement banners that some may think I’m not a ‘real wedding blog’ – but I intend to stay this way.

Hemingway’s quote at the top says it all.

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  1. Very refreshing! I’m sorry RNRB thinks you’re spam! lol

  2. I loved the article you referred to, and your article. It is a long road, and I never expect to make money, but I really love the little victories. Every time I feel like I’m not doing well, there is always encouragement in little forms. Today, for the first time, I had over 300 site hits in one day! It may be small to some, but for me it’s huge! I also love the wedding community! Everyone is so encouraging and willing to help each other out! It’s what I love to see!

  3. Just met you on twitter today, now love you! Yay, you are my inspiration, great post, totally. You pointed out to something I really enjoy and love about the blogging community, my experience with wedding/interior design, they are there to support old and new, to share ideas and grow together. So happy you started your blog, I did too not long ago and love doing it. Can’t wait to hear more about what else you are working on.

    • Aw thanks so much! The support is really great in the blogging community – because hey, unless you’re a celebrity starting a blog – everyone has been there before! Thanks for your sweet comment xo!

  4. Well said. You have an amazing blog and we love your passion and dedication to making ours as beautiful as it can be too 🙂
    Everything done for the right reasons is ultimately a success. xo

    • Thanks for the comment Morgan! And I owe a lot to you – without you introducing me to Pinterest this wouldn’t have happened 😉

  5. thanks for this post! i love that you called me a pink haired bloggerina! hehe. stealing that. Also sorry your comment got spammed! i found it among comments for Viagra and sex toys and unspammed ya!

    • Viagra and sex toys – among good company I see! If you ever find the butt plug from 50 Shades of Grey in that spam box of yours you could probably eBay it for millions. 😉 In all seriousness though, thanks for your comment and again, loved your post and advice.

  6. hah gross! although i havent read it.. ,but i can only imagine. SHUDDER.

  7. I love this!! Ok so I’ve been blogging since April, so shortly after you. You re amazing at it though ;). Your post made me feel good about why I do it. I don’t make any money off of it right now, and I’m not really trying to either. I honestly just love doing it. I love sharing people’s stories, and looking at pretty pictures! I love the blogging community. And I want to help brides find inspiration. Thank you for this because sometimes I get discouraged spending so much time on something that doesn’t bring in any income.

  8. This post is awesome, often we asked why we were are spending so much time on a wedding blog that makes no money and time and time again we answer the same thing ‘that it is the love of all things wedding’. It doesnt matter that we dont make a penny we simply enjoy blogging about weddings, advice and inspiration – obviously im not going to lie making a few bob would be a bonus,but it really isnt the be all and end all. I think readers can tell when your just interested in making money and we would never want to come across as that sort of blog. So the long and short of this is thank you and its nice to know we are not alone 🙂

  9. Great post!