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Does anyone else do their best thinking while working out? I know I do, and  the other day while swimming laps I had this little epiphany, what about a ‘Facebook Fan Friday’ wedding inspiration board?  So I posted a poll on Burnett’s Boards Facebook page asking what concept you would like to see turned into a wedding inspiration board. While I wouldn’t call it a resounding success (the poll was viewed over 2,000 times, but only received something like 30 votes, most of whom were my dear friends and family – love you guys!), the votes did come in and a sea urchin themed wedding won!

(y’all sure like to throw a girl a challenge)

Swanning around with the words ‘sea urchin’ in my head I instantly thought of something breezy, shoreside, and natural.

Sea urchins (without the spikes) are really quite beautiful and I love the idea of incorporating them into a wedding. My favorite detail on this board is the hanging plant, called a Jellyfish Air Plant  (wouldn’t they look awesome hung at different levels above your reception tables?) from Petit Beast. Love them!

jellyfish air plant

A big thank you to those of you who voted in the Facebook Fan Friday poll, and what do you think – should we keep doing Facebook Fan Fridays? I know I had fun!

Are you loving all over the natural beauty in this inspiration board? If yes, you’ll probably adore: mrs & mrs and santorini.

photo credits: urchin detail, wedding invitations, boutonniere, table decor, cake, (< found via Green Wedding Shoes)  cheeses, sea urchin wedding favor, peach cantaloupe sorbet,  girl in doorway, hanging plant with a sea urchin top, villa in Mykonos, hanging orchid leis, bride (< found via Style Me Pretty).

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  1. Very nice clean shots, love the pale green colors. Nice work.