sunday edition (with headless bride theme and mermaid baby)

Sunday Edition from Burnett's Boards

There’s a definite trend in wedding photography that I’m not (yet) going to label awesome or disastrous, and that’s of the headless bride. Like most trends though whether it is awesome or disastrous depends on how well you carry it off…kind of like neon eye shadows. Neon colored eye shadows can go from fabulous to train wreck super quick.

When I create inspiration boards I sometimes intentionally leave the faces off of the pictures – crop them out. I do this to some degree because I want the board to speak to ‘every bride’ – Burnett’s Boards are clearly all about the details, ideas, colors, and imagery. I find it easier to imagine myself in a certain dress, or carrying a particular bouquet if the woman’s face isn’t there because if it is it becomes ‘her wedding’ instead of ‘my wedding.’

BUT – I’ve been noticing this headless human trend on a lot of wedding and photographer blogs that publish real weddings. Yes, I suppose the details of the wedding come into focus more when you don’t have the couple’s faces in there, but isn’t the wedding supposed to be about them? That brings me to another thought – are couples and their photographers LOOKING for their weddings to be ‘blog worthy?’ Do they ask for the details to come into focus more rather than their smiling faces? Or is it a mix? Or is it just some Instagram inspired trend?

I’ll tell you one thing though – it really depends on the photographer as to whether the headless victim is going to look great or not. Some of the pictures I’ve seen look positively guillotined.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this trend. Do you like headless shots or do you hate them? And what do you think is driving this trend? (My finger is pointing at instagram. I mean – have you EVER tried getting a whole human body into that tiny square and succeeded?)

And on that note – let’s get back to business!


 Obviously there is a lot to gawk over in this headless bride board:

1. Love and Lavender shared an amazing DIY wedding that cost just $900!

2. This dress on Bridal Musings has a feather bodice. Need I say more? Amazing!

3. Some great ideas for wedding favors here.

4. The glitter wall from this photo can be recreated using glitter paint.

5. My new favorite bouquet can be found in this inspiration shoot.

6. Make your own geometric necklace using paint chips you swiped from the local hardware store.

7. Buy an awesome clutch from Coriumi on Etsy.

8. I don’t have a baby (yet) but if I did I would make her (or him!) wear this mermaid outfit.

Contest & Giveaway Roundup:

1. The Vintage Modern Wife gift card giveaway // 2. tablescape contest on Le Magnifique // 3. personalized bride and groom cake toppers and calligraphy wedding signs on Brenda’s Wedding Blog // 4. Printed Palette giveaway on All Women Stalk // 5. win wedding photography from Boho Bride.

And for our finale (which I’ve been meaning to blog about for a while but keep forgetting)… I won a social media award! Yep. That’s right. Being recognized for spending hours a day on twitter, Facebook, and everything in-between felt good. I was awarded for being one of the top 15 social media media influencers in the state of Hawaii and am now in the running for social media personality of the year! Woot!

Social Media Award

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  1. Congrats on the award and thank you for including AWS in your giveaway round up! I love the photos of the brides holding the bouquets in front of their faces!! Also love that clutch. Happy Sunday! xoxo

  2. Thanks for including one of my blog’s headless brides 🙂 I think headless shots are fine if done artistically and focusing on particular details. Not sure my mum or older generations would understand it though – so I wouldn’t suggest including them in parent’s photo albums! Congratulations on your social media award. Well deserved x

  3. I’ve been thinking about this same thing lately. I think it’s definitely a good thing for blogs/brides looking for inspiration because it’s easier to imagine yourself in the image. BUT, I worry that there are photographers who are too focused on getting photos for blogs/marketing and not taking care of the actual client. I can’t imagine that many people want headless photos of themselves in their wedding albums. Or photos of their dress hanging in the middle of nowhere for that matter! Though it is nice for us bloggers!

  4. I agree with everyone above. I think Elizabeth Messina does a fabulous job at these types of photo ops as they are a great way to show the details and less of the subject holding them. I can see how bloggers love these images but as a future bride, I wouldn’t want my album filled to the brim with me as a headless bride or my “headless” groom lol, although I am slightly obsessed with the images of the headless groom holding the brides bouquet haha

    PS – thanks for using one of my post images & congrats on your award 🙂

  5. Haha, is the Mr really going to let his son be dressed as a mermaid? Haha! I kid!
    If I paid a make up artist and hair stylist, my photographer better get my head in the shots! I believe weddings are about marriage so, while shots of the tables/details are a must, the heads of the happy couple trump all.
    Great post girl, xoxo!

    • Thanks! and yes the Mr. will allow his son in a mermaid dress. Like I always tell him ‘if I make him or her, I get to make the rules too’ 😉

  6. congrats on the award sara! your local (and national) star is rising fast. you found your calling, you blogger you…! :^P

  7. Brigitte Burke says:

    Where did you order the succulents and the love grows circular gift boxes?