pastel bridal boudoir shoot

Today’s demure bridal boudoir shoot from Anna Bamm Photography is as sweet as it is gorgeous. Boudoir shoots should play to your character and this brings out all the charm and femininity of a bride before her wedding day!

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From Anna Bamm Photography – “Boudoir photography is a special process because it helps us to open the door to a woman’s dreams. During the shoot we shot the main subject – a woman’s character: lovely, gentle, graceful, but also playful and unpredictable!

While creating this bridal boudoir inspiration shoot we tried to use a pastel color palette – lots of sweet colors and shades. We also used special flower details to allow for a natural flow of feelings that are always with women at these moments before their big day. There’s so much happiness and excitement! The details in this photo shoot all helped to pull these emotions out.


Photography: Anna Bamm // Floristry & Decor: Taisa Lugaeva // Makeup & Hair: Eugene Maro // Boudoir Dress: Boudoir Wedding // Calligraphy & Paper: Maria Gavikova // Hairpiece: Olga Delice.

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  1. Lovely! The shot with the feathers is really cute, too!

  2. What gorgeous colors, I’ve always loved pastels. This would be a fun pre wedding shoot for the hubby. Slip a few photos to him the night before the big day! Maybe even at the venue before the walk. Either way, I love everything about these photos!

  3. This is dreamy!