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Some tips for advertising on wedding blogs: 

Finding the right fit for your product or service is really important. Look for blogs that match the style you are selling whether that be modern, rustic, vintage, traditional, offbeat etc. Looking for niche blogs is also a good idea. If you’re selling vintage style veils, advertising on a blog that caters to modern brides probably isn’t a good fit for you.

Niche blogs are great because while they may not have giant numbers, their readers are invested and loyal and would definitely be interested in what that blog has to offer. A smaller, targeted audience is often better than advertising to a large, untargeted audience.

Burnett’s Boards is a niche blog that caters to a broad audience. It is niche in that it only features wedding inspiration, but it caters to a broad audience because the inspiration covers every style and color imaginable. Burnett’s Boards readers tend to be ‘shoppers’ – they love looking at the things in the inspiration board and clicking through to see where they are from and how much they are. On your end, it is important to have a good-looking and easy to navigate site. If you’re on Etsy, design your banner to attract the types of customers you think would be most likely to purchase from you.

As far as pricing goes on wedding blogs, generally speaking the bigger the blog the higher the price. Don’t be afraid to ask for media kits and stats and compare them. Take into account the geographic area of the blog’s audience as well as the number of page views and unique visitors. You may also want to look at the placement of advertising on the blog you are interested in. Are there too many other advertisers to compete with? Will yours be lost in a sea of banners? Do they rotate? Will you be on the top or the bottom? Etc.

Most wedding blogs come with advertising options. These range from banner advertisements to sponsored posts, to placing your product inside an inspiration board. Sponsored posts get a lot of bang for your buck, but with most wedding blogs this bang dies down after the post drops off the front page.

Sidebar and banner advertisements are generally cheaper, but the clicks are spread out over a longer amount of time than with sponsored posts. Generally the best results with sidebar and banner advertisements come from consistency and an advertisement design that looks great with the blog you are submitting it to. If the reader loves the style of the blog and your banner matches that style and compliments it, you’re more likely to attract clicks.

If you’re not getting the results you wanted from advertising on a wedding blog, try looking for a niche blog, changing your graphic, or consider another advertising option that that blog has to offer.

Hope this helps! xo