Color Guide

Blacks // powerful, sophisticated, artistic, mysterious, careful, sensitive, and meticulous.

Blues // tranquil, peaceful, calming, capable, harmonious, and reliable.

Browns // stable, reliable, connected, earthy, organic, and natural.

Greens // fresh, calming, affectionate, loyal, frank, and aware.

Greys // futuristic, modernity, intellectual, and modest.

Metallics // rich, glamorous, detailed, and careful.

Oranges // spicy, warm, social, communal, and cheerful.

Pastels // feminine, girlie, young, friendly, social, and disarming.

Pinks // gentle, soft, calm, sensitive, sympathetic, and compassionate.

Purples // rich, vibrant, royal, eccentric, artistic, and unique.

Rainbows // choose best qualities from all.

Reds // bright, dramatic, energetic, optimistic, brave, tenacious, and determined.

Whites // innocent, pure, clean, timely, and organized.

Yellows // sunny, cheerful, happy, joyous, inspired, creative, and social.