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giveaway from Marilyn's Keepsakes

This is a partnered post.  Marilyn's Keepsakes has a whole array of customizable goodies for your wedding day - and this giveaway is extra special because you have the chance to win what you pin! That's right. Whatever you pin from Marilyn's Keepsakes is what you'll win! Bridal jewelry, gifts for your bridesmaids, champagne flutes, cake knives... Marilyn's Keepsakes has got it all. My favorite item? Definitely the 'wing man' flask for the groomsmen. Scroll … [Continue reading]

everthine bridal boutique

Everthine Bridal Boutique / Michelle Gardella Wedding Photography

The next installment of 'inside the boutique' has arrived! Chelsea of Connecticut's Everthine Bridal Boutique was kind enough to share not only  the advice she gives brides who come into her darling shop, but also thoughts on the interior styling and design elements she chose and how she got into the wedding industry. The boutique shoot from Michelle Gardella Wedding Photography is divine and captures the ethereal quality that this salon has perfectly! I just … [Continue reading]

zodiac wedding: aries

Grapefruit, mint, and yellow wedding

The zodiac wedding series continues today with a grapefruit and mint inspiration board for Aries brides. If you were born between March 21th and April 19th - that's you! Aries brides are known for their independent personalities. Being the first of all of the zodiac signs they are also known as leaders and go-getters. They have a special magnetism about them that makes other people fall in love with their upbeat nature. A fresh and fun grapefruit and mint … [Continue reading]

destination wedding welcome bags

What to put into a destination wedding welcome bag.

So while I'm in Fiji I thought it would be absolutely perfect to have the queen of island weddings over here on the blog today! I'm so pleased to welcome  Kylie of Bula Bride - a beautiful blog with a focus on gorgeous destination weddings in Fiji. She also runs a graphic design company called Peachy Flamingo that among other things creates lovely wedding invitations. AND (seriously, this girl does everything) she's got an awesome Etsy shop so I thought that … [Continue reading]

orange and turquoise

Orange and Turquoise Wedding Inspiration / Christina Heaston Photography

Orange and turquoise are a delightful and fun color combination for a summer wedding and this inspiration shoot from Christina Heaston shows off this bright duo of hues perfectly! Plus it's near and dear to my heart because this shoot took place right here on Oahu AND the bride's gorgeous statement necklace is from a boutique that I frequently shop at. These images were taken for the launch of Fred + Kate Events - a wonderful wedding coordination service out here … [Continue reading]

surfboards and succulents

surfboard and succulent wedding inspiration

There's a funny thing that happens to me all the time here in Hawaii. When I tell new people who I meet that I'm a blogger and they then ask me the name of my blog and I tell them... they automatically assume that I blog about surfboards. I'm not joking. So this gave me an idea - how about a surfboard themed wedding inspiration board? Succulents and surfboards would make such a cool wedding theme for a beachy bride! Succulents are perfect for beach weddings for a … [Continue reading]

chic hacienda engagement and wedding

Chic Hacienda Wedding Inspiration / Blush Wedding Photography

What a treat we have today from Kristy of Blush Wedding Photography! Nothing says summer like color and travel and that's why I'm so thrilled to bring you this chic hacienda styled engagement AND wedding inspiration shoot. This two-part shoot took place in Jalisco, Mexico at one of Jose Villa's workshops and the old buildings and vibrant colors are simply amazing. Don't you just love the colors in that engagement shoot? And those shoes! They're perfect. … [Continue reading]

vacations (are important!)


Since embarking on this new career as a wedding blogger the thing I've found hardest to do is take actual vacations away from blogging. We're so connected all the time that even if I give myself a day away from the computer to go to the beach or something, I still check my email, respond to submissions, send media kits to vendors who ask for them, make Facebook posts, tweet, and as soon as I get home I pin and proofread the next day's post! I've only had two real … [Continue reading]

floral print bridesmaid dresses

Floral Print Bridesmaid Dresses / Justin Aaron Photography

When Emma of Emma Soup Bridal & Boutique sent this shoot featuring her floral print bridesmaid dresses over it filled me with such a sense of joy! The story that these images from Justin Aaron Photography tells is such a sweet one. One filled with free-spirited happiness, love, and a hint of nostalgia. Imagine for a moment that your best friends (your bridesmaids!) and you are skirting across summer sunlight filled fields and over fences to get you to the … [Continue reading]

zodiac wedding: libra

Dusty rose wedding inspiration / zodiac series: libra

Were you born between September 23rd and October 22nd? If yes then you're a Libra bride and this regal rose wedding inspiration board is just for you! Libran brides are our dreamy brides. They're the ones who dream about getting swept off their feet with a fairy tale romance and who grow up to marry their prince charming. Because of their dreamy nature Libras express their intelligence through creativity, however they often need someone else to put all the little … [Continue reading]

style your wedding like marie antoinette

How to Style Your Wedding Like Marie Antoinette

Bon­jour, I’m Monique from French Wed­ding Style blog, which is dedicated to French styled weddings. For one day only Sara and I have traded blogs, as I bring to you some ideas and tips for styling your wedding in a French style and Sara is over on my blog sharing a fabulous French styled inspiration board. There are many different genres of French styled weddings, but one of the most iconic is Marie Antoinette. The look is exemplified by polar opposites; … [Continue reading]

modern colorful wedding

Photo booth backdrop / Huong Forrest Photography

I'm so lucky to have made such good friends with other wedding bloggers in the year and a half that I've been here and it always gives me such joy to see them succeed! Today's amazingly colorful, modern, and fun inspiration shoot was produced by one such friend - Krisstin of On The Go Bride. The team of vendors she put together did an absolutely amazing job with this styled shoot and Huong Forrest Photography captured it all perfectly. It's bright, it's bold, and … [Continue reading]

spanish moon

Sandy tan with touch of navy Spanish wedding inspiration

Monochromatic weddings are the ultimate in sophistication, and this sandy tan Spanish wedding inspiration board illustrates just that! The moon print in this inspiration board was what really sparked it for me. I saw it floating around on Pinterest and fell in love. It has a glamorous, stylish, slightly vintage vibe that's perfect to use as an inspiration starting point for your wedding. Monochromatic weddings are my absolute favorites and they're all about … [Continue reading]

orange summer wedding ideas

Orange summer wedding ideas / Ever After Events

Summer weddings are glorious affairs: the sun is shining and there's a celebratory sense of fun in the air! For today's vendor spotlight post I've paired up two amazing ladies who do orange very well: Shereen of Ever After Events, and Erica from Towne 9. Shereen of Ever After Events coordinates and plans weddings all over the place, but of course my favorites of hers are here in Hawaii. In fact - I'm attending one she's coordinating at the end of the month! I … [Continue reading]