behind the scenes with percy handmade

Percy Handmade Bridal Accessories / Peta Rudd Photography

This week's vendor spotlight feature is a special one. Tania of Percy Handmade (who you've seen before here) lets you take a peek inside her beautiful studio with a shoot by Peta Rudd, and shares her story and creative process! Prepare to fall head-over-heels for this lovely lady and her beautiful, handcrafted bridal accessories... How did you come to find yourself in the bridal industry?  "I’ve been working in the bridal industry for almost 5 years … [Continue reading]

organic emerald wedding inspiration

Organic emerald wedding inspiration / Anita Shay Photography

Today's organic emerald wedding inspiration shoot from Anita Shay Photography is lovely for its earthy simplicity. Styled beautifully with vintage details by Soiree Events, this shoot will having you yearning for wide open spaces and a more simple, thoughtful life! From Jenn at Soiree Events - "For this shoot we wanted to create a romantic, vintage feel using the Pantone color of the year - emerald. For the table, we combined emerald tones with … [Continue reading]

earth toned wedding

Earth Toned Wedding

This brownish-red Earth toned wedding inspiration board is inspired by the gorgeous dirt colors of Sedona, Arizona! I don't know if you have red dirt where you live, but we have it here in Hawaii and Sedona is famous for it. The stuff actually drives me nuts. It functions as a dye and will destroy whatever clothes and shoes I'm wearing. However, it is beautiful and the rusty-red color makes for a really beautiful wedding palette. Pair this earthy red with tans, … [Continue reading]

your most important makeup decision

Lipstick Tips for Brides

It wasn’t until I got married that I started wearing lipstick. Before that it was always just lip-gloss. It was easy, didn’t leave a mess when I changed clothes, and lip-gloss doesn’t get all over your teeth. Basically – I didn’t know what I was doing. But my makeup artist for my wedding completely changed all that and I finally see why women across the globe are obsessed with these little tubes of pigment. I’ve now become a lipstick fanatic! I honestly … [Continue reading]

board game wedding: chess

Sparkling brown and white wedding inspiration board

I've got another installment of the board game wedding series for you today and this time the inspiration is chess! It's a game that I have absolutely no idea how to play, but I do know that it has a rich history and that's the catalyst for this wedding inspiration board. Chess originated in India sometime during the 6th century, but it was in southern Europe during the Renaissance that chess morphed into the game that we know today. The original chess didn't … [Continue reading]

who to follow on instagram

Who to Follow on Instagram

After I wrote that post on social media tips a while back (here) I realized how little I was utilizing Instagram. Since then, I've been trying to post more frequently, take better photos, and involve myself in the community more. The best side effect of upping my efforts on that social media platform has been finding new and inspiring people to follow. Below is a list of my top 5 (in no particular order) people to follow on Instagram. These are the ladies who … [Continue reading]

inspired by carmen miranda

Inspired by Carmen Miranda / Jennifer Sosa Photography

If a wizard showed up at my door and said that I could live in one of the styled shoots I have published on this blog - it would be this one. Conceptualized and photographed by Jennifer Sosa, this colorful and fun Carmen Miranda themed wedding inspiration is Tropicana style at its best! Nicknamed 'The Brazilian Bombshell,' by the mid 1940s Carmen Miranda was the highest paid woman in America and is well-remembered for her samba performances, Broadway shows, and … [Continue reading]

what is your creative space?

Synchronized Swimmer card from Mae Mae Paperie

Christine Kerr, my lovely instructor over at The Wedding and Events Institute, recently asked me if I’d like to participate in a series she’s doing on her personal blog Scarlet Room. The series involves taking snapshots of “the creative spaces people like yourself work from. This could be an office, a desk tucked away in a corner, or a table at a coffee shop.” My first response to her email was pure panic. There is no way I can set images of my home office … [Continue reading]

ila handbags

Ila Handbags

Today's vendor spotlight is such a treat! The lovely Paula of Ila Handbags talks about her design influences and gives tips on ordering custom clutches for your yourself and your bridesmaids. Plus, this shoot by Tiffany Bolk Photography of Paula's new studio in Minneapolis is absolutely gorgeous - you're going to feel like a kid in a candy store! What period of art history has influenced your handbag designs the most and how do those characteristics manifest … [Continue reading]

wedding portraits with pink peonies

Pink peony bouquet / Carmen and Ingo Photography

Peonies have been loved by all for centuries and they are cherished by brides today for their fluffy and feminine bloom. It doesn't take very many peonies to create an absolutely stunning bouquet, and today's inspiration shoot from Carmen and Ingo Photography shows us ways to incorporate a pink peony bouquet into both your bridal and wedding portraits! Each peony bloom is so jam-packed with petals! I just adore them. Mahalo to Carmen and Ingo for … [Continue reading]

blush and green wedding

Blush and green wedding ideas

Blush pink is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and feminine colors that you can pick for your wedding palette and pairing it with a fresh green makes for a lovely outdoor appropriate color combination! One of my favorite details in this blush and green wedding inspiration board is that amazing bridal gown. Blush pink wedding dresses have been popular for quite some time now and it's easy to see why! Pair that dress with those sparkling rose quartz earrings in … [Continue reading]

bringing personal style to your wedding attire

Bohemian Bridals / Sara Logan Photography

It's so great when brides bring a little personal style to their wedding day and bridal portraits. Whether it's a favorite pair of earrings, a unique veil or hair accessory, or a funky belt that you have been loving for years, it makes the entire look more uniquely 'you.' From Sara Logan Photography - "This bohemian-styled bridal shoot with a rustic twist was inspired by the blooms of the apple orchard it was shot in. While the trees weren't actually in-bloom … [Continue reading]

board game wedding: chutes and ladders

ideas for using ladders in your wedding

The board game wedding series continues today with a one inspired by Chutes and Ladders. For this wedding inspiration board I went quite literal with the game's title and focused on ways to use ladders in your wedding! Chutes and Ladders has its roots in ancient India where it was called Snakes and Ladders and taught players gentle lessons in morality. As you moved up the board you were either helped by ladders (good deeds) or hindered by snakes (vices). The … [Continue reading]

8 new wedding trends

8 New Wedding Trends / red hair

It’s no secret that I love wedding inspiration shoots and I see a lot of them. They’re what I love to share here and they’re what I look at most on other wedding blogs. One of the reasons that styled shoots are so great is that it gives wedding professionals time to play. They get to really cut loose and get creative! Because of this unhindered creativity, the things that you see in inspiration shoots on wedding blogs are usually ahead of the trend curve. There … [Continue reading]