hidden costs of wedding planning

Lemon stationery |Kristyn Harder Photography

Aside from the obvious items you have down on your wedding budget, like venue, photographer, stationery, flowers etc, there is another list. The 'secret' list. The list that might tip you over the edge. The list no one tells you about and you don't think about until it's happening to you. It's called, on my list, 'Other'! As I'm up to my eyeballs in wedding planning, I have in the last few months started dipping my toes in the 'other' pool and it's getting … [Continue reading]

modern electric and indigo blue wedding ideas

Indigo blue wedding invitations | Rachael Hall Photography

From Lauren at Eclipse Event Co. – “Hutto, Texas is a small town about 30 minutes north-west of Austin, where you'd find more cattle than wedding venues, however, the owners of 111 East transformed a former brick storefront into a gorgeous, modern, whitewashed loft venue complete with exposed brick walls, crisp white penny subway tile, and (our favorite) a marble top counter for its bar! It makes the perfect blank canvas for any bride. We wanted to show wedding … [Continue reading]

southern wedding tradition: burying the burbon

Southern Wedding Tradition - Burying The Bourbon

From Noi Tran Photography – “It never fails here in the south, Georgia particularly that rain will parade on your wedding day! The idea for this inspirational shoot comes from a southern tradition, Burying the Bourbon.” From Noi Tran Photography – “Tradition has it that if the couple buries a bottle of bourbon one month before the wedding day, at the location of the ceremony site, it will not rain on the wedding day. I'm not quite sure how accurate that … [Continue reading]

stylish wedding pros’ party in downtown san diego

Marble backdrop | Cavin Elizabeth Photography

From Cavin Elizabeth Photography – “I’ve always valued the art of building relationships in the wedding world. When I moved from DC to San Diego, forming new relationships with fellow wedding vendors was a huge priority. Working with talented, creative, and happy professionals makes the work you do incredibly enjoyable, especially when your work also involves amazing brides and grooms!” From Cavin Elizabeth Photography – “After about 6 months of living in … [Continue reading]

beautiful bling without the big price

Alternative Diamond Engagement Rings

You know those Norman Rockwell wall plates and Thomas Kinkade Christmas Villages that your parents put out during the holidays and that have been passed down from their parents? Those are from The Bradford Exchange and their tradition of fine collectibles continues into the 21st century with exclusive and gorgeous jewelry designs, including engagement rings and wedding bands! From customizable styles to classic ones to build your own, The Bradford Exchange … [Continue reading]

ethereal and romantic bridal session

Sunset romantic beach bride | Por Magia Photography

From Andreia: “Sometimes it’s just the simple beauty of a bridal session that put stars in our eyes… We love to see a woman being transformed into a bride! Irina is calm and peaceful, she’s romantic and delicate… her smile is absolutely gorgeous.We just love the way she moves and holds the bouquet!!" "A soft light, the enchanting Portugal Coastline, an ethereal pale colors and the natural textures of the sand made wonderful scenery for this session. We … [Continue reading]

1 wedding ceremony venue 3 ways

Candle circle and palms wedding ceremony backdrop | 1 venue 3 ways | Chelsea Boatwright Photography at Social House | Florida wedding venue

When you say I do – it’s going to be a moment that is all about you two and the décor and styling of your wedding ceremony should reflect your sentiments and vibe as a couple. Whether you and your beau are modern, romantic, fun, or all of the above, there’s a backdrop design to make sure that you two are the center of attention, in all the right ways! Yesterday we had an epic shoot here on the blog from Chelsey Boatwright Photography at Social House in Florida … [Continue reading]

social house wedding + spritz bar cart

Chic Black and White Wedding Ideas with Greenery

From Chelsey Boatwright Photography – “Our inspiration began with the venue. Social House (in Lake Worth, Florida) was built with the intention of bringing creatives together in a modern environment for co-working, social events, and weddings. Many of the vendors featured in our shoot work out of Social House, while a few vendors are the creatives we have loved working with over the years!” “Given that Social House was designed with a modern aesthetic we … [Continue reading]

beachy bride and best friend portraits

Bride and Maid of honour | Savan Photography

From Savan: "The inspiration for this shoot was just that a, bride and her best friend to share a bridal session. Yes the focus is on the bride, but I also wanted to take gorgeous photos of the maid of honour too. The MOH plays a huge roll in the entire process of the bride's wedding from helping her pick out the wedding dress to putting together a bridal shower and bachelorette party; and I wanted to honour that by focusing on her as well. I also wanted stunning … [Continue reading]

british mountain wedding inspiration

Bride in waterfall | Perry Vaile Photography

From Sarah: "For this styled shoot, we envisioned a British Groom marrying an American Bride at a family lodge set in the mountains of North Carolina. Keeping British traditions in mind, it was important to keep a classic feel in the rustic setting. Using a palate of copper, navy, and champagne with glimpses of deep red and aubergine, the wedding comprised of English garden flowers, loose natural style, green plants, flat cedars, taper candles and many unique decor … [Continue reading]

minimalist amsterdam bridal inspiration

Minimalist Bridal Shoot in Amsterdam

I just adore the vibe in today’s bridal inspiration shoot from SUEGRAPHY. It’s euro-chic and romantic in all the best possible ways. It shows a bride in her wedding venue, with the details she has so carefully chosen, and through the beautiful photography you can see her thoughts and excitement. It truly is an inspirational shoot – you’re going to love it! From SUEGRAPHY – “This minimalist bridal inspiration shoot from Amsterdam has a touch … [Continue reading]

copper lace and blueberries – modern styled shoot

Blueberries in mosco mule mugs | Amilia Photography

From Amilia: "Homestead Manor's distinctive conservatory building and bar provided a masculine atmosphere which was accentuated with bold jewel tones and copper elements. The feminine touches of a beautiful lace dress and delicate crystal hair piece created a perfectly balanced wedding inspiration. Our sweetheart table was set with a modern copper sequin table runner and sumptuous magnolia leaf runner. Blue taper candles, blueberries, and navy crystal goblets add … [Continue reading]

bridesmaid box

Bridesmaid box | Burnett's Boards

Claudette here! With almost 3 months to go until we say "I do", and us almost being in the peak of wedding party season, I thought I would share how I asked my special friends to be my bridesmaids. It's true when they say as you get older you create a smaller, more curated group of people close to you, rather than the hundreds of friends you though you had when you were 13. This became very evident once we had moved to Canada. Everyone at our leaving party made … [Continue reading]

DIY: flower petal paper

DIY Flower Paper

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s nostalgic and romantic ‘love letters from WWI’ editorial shoot by Claire Marika Photography – you should (see it here) because remember the gorgeous flower petal paper that all those love letters were written on? Today I have the DIY instructions from Valen Hunter of Flower Afternoon & Remnant Paper so that you can make some of your own!  From Flower Afternoon & Remnant Paper – “I began making paper recently as a way to … [Continue reading]

love letters from WWI

Love Letter WWI Wedding

From Claire Marika Photography – “The drawers in my family's ancestral home in Alsace France are filled with letters. Among them are the love letters written between my great-aunt Madeleine Dethorey and her first husband Pierre while he was a soldier in World War I. He never made it home from the Battle of Verdun and she became a widow at 23. In this shoot I wanted to re-imagine a different ending to their story…” From Claire Marika Photography – “We … [Continue reading]

garden style wedding tablescape

Textured bouquet | Set Free Photography

Stacy from Set Free Photography sent us this shoot, and can I tell you how great it is?! I love it when designers are creative. I had never seen a floral wreath around a menu and I think its a great idea! It totally adds another dimension to the stationery and it could be multi purpose too. I would wear that crown like there was no tomorrow as I ate my dinner. The Bouquet is mostly ivory but the flowers all have different textures so makes it more interesting to … [Continue reading]