shabby chic crochet

Blush shabby chic wedding inspiration with crochet ideas

This shabby chic blush wedding inspiration board has such a fabulous slightly rustic, slightly vintage vibe. I'm loving it! And the crochet details? Perfect, romantic, and they will lend an heirloom quality to the day when used at your wedding. When Shannon, the amazingly creative lady behind The Botanical Box, sent an inquiry about becoming a BB Vendor I immediately fell in love with what she does. She creates custom centerpieces, boutonnières,  and bridal … [Continue reading]

veil boudoir

Vintage Wedding Veil Boudoir Shoot / Izzie Rae Photography

Using a bridal veil or hair accessory for your boudoir shoot is such a lovely idea and this gorgeous inspiration shoot from Izzie Rae Photography shows three different styles that you can utilize: timeless heirloom, simple modern, and vintage bohemian. From Izzie: "Since the beginning of time, wedding veils and headpieces are something that have played key roles. Covering or dressing your head can symbolize vulnerability, modern femininity, modest beauty, or … [Continue reading]

how to choose bridal lingerie

How to Choose Bridal Lingerie

This is a partnered post.  I am the last person in the world that my friends go to for bra advice (sadly I still have to shop in the pre-teen section and I'm not kidding), so I was thrilled when HerRoom sent over this amazing info-graphic on how to choose bridal lingerie. Plus, it's so fitting after yesterday's article on finding the right wedding dress for your body type! Make sure you read all the way to the bottom. Why? Because their tips on … [Continue reading]

the right dress for your body

Discover the right wedding dress style for your body!

Finding the right style of dress to best flatter your body is pretty important. We all have different bodies and they're all beautiful - but let's face it - certain things look better on certain people! Audrey of FromWhite was sweet enough to custom draw these wedding dresses for us in the five most popular styles: mermaid, sheath, empire, a-line, and ball gown!  So which type of dress is best for you? Let's find out: Inverted triangle: Mermaid and … [Continue reading]

zodiac wedding: sagittarius

Elopement ideas / Zodiac Wedding Inspiration Series: Sagittarius

Today our zodiac wedding inspiration board series continues with fun elopement ideas for our Sagittarian brides! (November 22nd - December 21st) Brides born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign have a natural exuberance, sense of adventure, and love of life that makes a quirky elopement the perfect sort of wedding for these optimistic ladies. Whomever ties a Sagittarius down is lucky indeed because these freedom seeking girls are happiest when on the move, … [Continue reading]

who to follow on pinterest

Who to Follow on Pinterest / Jen Huang Photography

When seeking inspiration and ideas for your wedding a fabulous place to go, and one that I’m sure we are all super familiar with already, is Pinterest. A couple of weeks ago a really great question came up in the comments on the social media tips and no nos post that said: “One thing I’ve been struggling with on Pinterest is seeking people to follow. I wish they had the same system twitter does for suggesting people to follow. Do you have any suggestions for how … [Continue reading]

stylish winter wedding inspiration

Floral Crown / Carmen and Ingo Photography

I am so thrilled to be bringing you this stylish winter wedding inspiration shot for the fabulous Austrian wedding magazine Hochzeitsguide by Carmen and Ingo Photography! The wonderful venue adds a definite sense of vintage grandeur, the flowers capture the delicacy of early spring, and just wait until you see all the gorgeous wedding dresses from Elfenkleid. Believe me when I say that this is one of those features that gets better with every scroll! … [Continue reading]

pink, gold, and navy

Pink, Gold, Navy Wedding Inspiration

Pink and gold are a popular and beautiful wedding palette, but I love adding a little sophisticated twist to it by including touches of hot pink and navy! Isn't this a fun, edgy, and trendy take on a pink and gold wedding? I just love the navy in this inspiration board. This color palette is perfect for a bride who is looking for a soft and feminine feel for her wedding but wants to include some vibrant personality as well. The sequin clutches are absolutely … [Continue reading]

modern moroccan wedding inspiration

purple bouquet / Les Amis Photo

Today's modern Moroccan inspiration shoot from the Milan based Les Amis Photo is such a fresh take on Moroccan wedding style! Typically you'll see Moroccan themed weddings with an orange, brown, and neutral color palette, but the gorgeous purple flowers and invitation details in this shoot really take this wedding theme to a whole new level of sophistication. And the bouquet from Il Profumo dei Fiori - wow, wow, WOW! From Les Amis Photo: "The … [Continue reading]

granny smith apple

yellow outdoor wedding inspiration

One of my favorite color palettes for summer outdoor weddings is light yellow. It's a soft and 'wedding appropriate' color that looks absolutely beautiful when bathed in natural sunlight! The light yellowish-green of granny smith apples makes a naturally gorgeous summer wedding color when paired with browns and whites. If you're going to use apples in your decor like this inspiration board shows, be sure to look for ways to add other circular motifs throughout … [Continue reading]

pretty in pink

Pink Bridal Beauty / Catalina Bloch

What's girlie and gorgeous and cute? Pink! Don't you just love this color? Every girl looks pretty in pink and this inspiration shoot from Catalina Bloch shows off this splendid color oh so well. Pink nails, pink makeup, and a subtle and beautiful blush pink wedding dress... honestly, you really can't go wrong with pink! Pink comes in loads of different shades and all of them are beautiful and perfectly feminine. Pink is just one of those colors that … [Continue reading]

zodiac wedding: gemini

blush and light green wedding inspiration / zodiac wedding series: gemini

Our zodiac wedding series continues with this gorgeous blush and light green inspiration board especially for Gemini (May 21st - June 20th) brides! For this inspiration board I really wanted to play off the 'twins' symbolism of the Gemini zodiac sign: two bridesmaids, two pink drinks, a love seat, and two intertwining olive tree branches. Those born under the Gemini sign are known for the gift of gab. They are not afraid to speak their minds and love getting … [Continue reading]

advertising on wedding blogs

Advertising on Wedding Blogs / Christina Heaston Photography

This isn’t our typical event design and styling kind of post – but I think it’s a worthwhile discussion to have. Monetizing this wedding blog of mine has been an interesting journey for me since I dove headfirst into it and initially had no idea what I was doing. One thing I did  learn early though is that relationships matter! (before getting any further along I'd like to take a second to thank the lovely Christina Heaston for allowing me to use these … [Continue reading]

venetian wedding inspiration

Venice Wedding Inspiration / Squaresville Studios

Intertwined canals, gorgeous and colorful facades, romantic old bridges and tucked away bistros... can you imagine how lovely it would be to get married in Venice, Italy?! The art, the culture, the food - everything about this city makes it 'wedding perfect' and this spectacular inspiration shoot from Squaresville Studios encapsulates all of that. Today's post should come with a warning: travel envy will occur! Be sure to check out another … [Continue reading]