sunday edition

wedding inspiration and ideas

First of all I want to thank everyone who responded to and shared my personal post on Thursday about how much I hate the B-word. I feel much better knowing that I'm not the only one who has this problem! And one last thing before we got on to our Sunday Edition links - there is a new advertising opportunity on Burnett's Boards: the after post ad. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this. 1. Fab You Bliss shared a truly wonderful rustic … [Continue reading]

palm beach chic

coral and seafoam wedding colors - perfect for a palm springs wedding

Palm Beach is known for combining a sophisticated glamour with a chic laid-back style and what's not to love about that? To get this look and vibe combine the coral, aqua,and fresh green colors in this wedding inspiration board with clean crisp whites and natural textures and tones. Mix offbeat tablescape elements like grasses, corals, and sea urchins with more upscale things like gold-rimmed glassware. Love this look? Be sure to also check out: photo … [Continue reading]

unique rings from mociun

diamond and ruby engagement ring

When I ran across the diamond and red coral ring in this lineup (fourth down) floating around on a lonely corner of Pinterest I instantly fell in love. Diamonds and red coral are my two favorite stones (if you can call red coral that). On my recent trip to Fiji I literally spent half a day combing the sand for washed up bits of red coral. Red coral grows really deep down in the ocean and is nearly impossible to get unless it breaks off with age and ends up on a … [Continue reading]

framed (guest post)

black gold and silver wedding with lots of picture frame details

Today I've got a treat for you. Stephanie from Wedding Party sent us this lovely guest post on how to choose meaningful photos for your wedding decor! ***  From DIY photo chandeliers to photo placeholders to elaborate wall collages, using meaningful photos for your wedding decor has become a popular and fun way to share your story with your wedding guests. Even better - it’s meaningful, affordable, and helps to remind you of your most special memories.  However, … [Continue reading]

why I hate the b-word

blogging humor

There is a funny thing that happens to me when asked by random people about what I do for a living. I lie. I lie because I hate telling people that I’m a blogger. Depending on my mood (or how many glasses of wine I’ve had) the lies can get rather extravagant. One time I told my airplane seat buddy (who I suspected was hitting on me despite my ring) that I study the hyperfine structure of the molybdenum atom. He didn’t talk to me anymore after that. When I do … [Continue reading]

moroccan oasis

orange desert wedding with air plant

One of the best details in this Moroccan styled wedding inspiration board is the air plant bouquet. I'd definitely call succulents the 'go to green' for 2012, but in 2013 it's going to be air plants. They are amazing! I love how structural and unique they are - plus, they take their water and nutrients from their leaves (roots are used for anchoring to things like rocks and trees) so they are perfect for weddings because you can remove the root system and place them … [Continue reading]

country classic (real wedding)

Classic wedding in a historic home in Virginia

Janean and Ken's wedding, photographed by Laura Gordon, truly is 'country classic.' I've fallen in love with its elegant simplicity and natural beauty - and I'm sure you will too! The historic Virginia home, countryside reception, pure whites, horse-drawn carriage, and butterfly send-off all lend to the feeling of an American fairy-tale. Congratulations to Janean and Ken on your romantic and gorgeous wedding! Photography: Laura Gordon // Venue: … [Continue reading]

starry night (reader request)

starry nights van gogh themed wedding inspiration board with gray, blue, gold, and yellow wedding details

Chelsea and Ryan have not set a date yet but they know what sort of wedding color palette they'd love to have! Ryan's favorite sports teams' colors include navy and gray and Chelsea loves Van Gogh's Starry Night painting so it's lucky that these two color schemes work perfectly together. Chelsea let me know that she has had a photo-mosaic image of Starry Night hanging over her bed since she was ten and would love a wedding that not only included those colors and … [Continue reading]

driftwood and lavender

lavender wedding inspiration with driftwood details and a lavender bridal gown

Lavender is such a romantic and feminine color and it looks so lovely paired with neutral and gray tones. Elements like the driftwood escort cards and the raw diamond engagement ring in this wedding inspiration board add unique textures and tones. Isn't this a fabulous look? It's definitely one of my favorite inspiration boards yet! If you're in love with lavender then be sure to take a peek at: photo credits: place setting < photographed by Elisa B … [Continue reading]

sunday edition

wedding ideas

Happy Sunday everyone! Last weekend my husband threw me a surprise birthday party - I still can't believe he pulled that one over on me! I'd never had a surprise party before and it was loads of fun. The about/new reader page has been totally revamped; you should check it out because it includes a list of the most popular posts from this blog and loads of reasons why you need inspiration boards in your life. Oliver has a new hoodie (scroll down to see him in it - it … [Continue reading]

barbie and ken’s wedding

Barbie and Ken's Wedding

Barbie and Ken are finally getting married! It's probably clear  to everyone that during my childhood I hosted one too many Barbie weddings...and it was remembering them that led me to creating this wedding inspiration board (and in the interest of full disclosure - Barbie got married to all of my brother's Ninja Turtles - it was the only way I could get him play along!). Plus it's Saturday - so I thought I'd bring you a bit of fun. Barbie looks amazing in a Reem … [Continue reading]

out of africa (reader request)

safari themed wedding

New Zealander Wendy wrote to me and let me know that she is headed off to Kuthaba Safari Lodge in South Africa for her cousin Ashleigh's wedding - and Wendy is one of the bridesmaids! She wanted these inspiration boards to be a surprise for Ashleigh and Craig - isn't that the sweetest thing?! Ashleigh & Craig's wedding will have a champagne and ivory color palette with an 'Out of Africa' vibe - I love it! And what's even better is that Wendy wrote a note for her … [Continue reading]

fort worth bridal portraits

Bridal portraits from Two Blue Shoes Photography

I'm loving Cara's bridal portraits from Two Blue Shoes Photography. The veil... oh that veil! Seriously, this is an excellent reason to purchase a cathedral length veil - just so you can get some stunning shots like these! Katie of Two Blue Shoes Photography told us a little about the shoot: "Since Cara lives in Fort Worth, Texas, we decided to stick to what she was comfortable with and photograph her bridal portraits all over Fort Worth. What I love about Cara's … [Continue reading]

blushing blooms

blush pink and lavender wedding inspiration

 Ladies (and gents) - we have a winner! Thank you to everyone who voted for your favorite bouquet on Pinterest. It was a lot of fun watching the different arrangements earn 'likes' and I have to say, I'm so happy this that stunner took the lead! What I love most about this bridal bouquet (and this inspiration board) are the soft spring colors that would be oh so perfect for an Easter wedding. The pink tulips really make this bridal bouquet unique - they're … [Continue reading]