rhubarb beach

beach wedding inspiration

When you decide to get married somewhere that is naturally gorgeous it is always a good idea to let the colors of the surroundings dictate the palette of your wedding. Garish, clashing hues just won't do. This neutral beach themed wedding inspiration board is just the ticket. The gorgeous flowers (and especially those poppies!) pull in colors of an ocean sunset and the whole inspiration board has a chic and timeless feeling that will never go out of style. Be sure … [Continue reading]

bridal boudoir

Classy boudoir inspiration shoot from Chris and Kristen Fine Art Photography

There's a certain type of inspiration shoot I've not yet featured on this blog before: a boudoir shoot. To be totally honest with you it's because one of my ideas of a nightmare is posing in my panties in front of a photographer I barely know. I applaud women who are brave enough and confident enough to do this and I think it's a fabulous idea, but I never thought it was for me. This boudoir inspiration shoot from Chris and Kristen Fine Art Photography and their two … [Continue reading]

BB’s birthday party & contest!

Birthday Party inspiration board + details for Burnett's Boards inspiration board contest and giveaway!

Yesterday officially marked BB's one year birthday but I was traveling so I saved this post for today! I honestly can't believe how far this blog has come and it wouldn't have happened without all of my readers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your visits, pins, tweets, Facebook shares, stumbles, comments, requests - everything! You ladies make this worth doing! And I want to celebrate you and all of your contributions with a giveaway (yay!) - but … [Continue reading]

ink and pearl inspiration

Chanel wedding inspiration shoot / Bit of Ivy Photography

You were expecting a Sunday Edition, weren't you? Well, I have a special treat for you instead since I've been off island all week at my Dad's surprise birthday party. Today we have this stunning black and white Chanel inspired shoot from Bit of Ivory Photography and Orchestrated Stylized Shoots called "Ink & Pearl" (side note: check out this super exciting announcement from BB & Orchestrated Stylized Shoots here). We don't often see styled shoots in just … [Continue reading]

olive branch

olive branch wedding inspiration board

I've been wanting to put together an olive branch themed wedding inspiration board for some time now - it's just such a classic! Of course I couldn't help but think of Van Gogh's The Olive Trees, so I included it in this board. In Italy olive branches (and trees) represent tradition and the world over we all know that the olive branch means peace. Both of these meanings are perfect for a wedding! If you love the look of this wedding inspiration board then you'll … [Continue reading]

chaviano couture spring 2013

Chaviano Couture wedding dress / photographed by Odalys Mendez Fine Arts Photography

There is just so much to love about Chaviano Couture, starting with the name. Annette - the designer behind the line explains: "Chaviano is my maiden name. Ignacio and Ana Rosa, my amazing parents, came from Cuba 30 years ago and their story of God's blessings and love never ceases to amaze me. When I started my business I decided to name it Chaviano Couture in honor of my parents and their heritage. It's such a special part of who I am and I'm so proud for it be my … [Continue reading]

lavender and silver wedding inspiration (reader request)

silver and lavender wedding inspiration and ideas

This, my dears, is a very special reader requested wedding inspiration board. Why? Just read what Keila emailed me: "We've decided to have a 25th wedding anniversary and vow renewal for my parents since they never had a wedding. It's a big deal. It's next month - crazy I know! But I need some inspiration. I'd like to present your board to my mother as the reveal of her surprise gift! Did I mention my mom doesn't know? I'd love it if you could put something together … [Continue reading]

peach and green wedding inspiration (reader request)

peach and green wedding inspiration board

Jenneva and Elliott are getting married in August in Michigan and are having a barn wedding. When Jenneva requested this wedding inspiration board she let me know that she and Elliott are both ceramic artists and that all the artist themed wedding inspiration they keep finding is for painters. They want to somehow incorporate their love of clay and ceramics into their big day while keeping the whole look DIY, slightly casual, and with a color palette of peach and … [Continue reading]

trendy beach reception ideas

trendy beach reception / photographed by Justin Lee

Prepare yourself for gorgeous. This modern (yet retro) sophisticated pop art inspired beach wedding reception styled shoot is all that and more. It's perfect for the California girl at heart who wants something more than surfboards and sand at her beach wedding. What I'm loving most about this shoot, styled by Alchemy Events & Invitations and photographed by Justin Lee, is the juxtaposition of natural and glamorous elements: sequin cushions on baroque style … [Continue reading]

geometric wedding

geometric wedding inspiration

Geometric patterns are cropping up everywhere in wedding land and so they should be! This wedding inspiration board shows just how gorgeous a modern geometric themed wedding can be. The neutral colors allow the intricate patterns and lines to shine through making for a simply beautiful and sophisticated wedding. To pull this look off right stick to a clean color palette and include one or two pieces that have softer lines like a chiffon rose clutch or tinsel … [Continue reading]

kenyan elopement

African elopement wedding inspiration board

As you may have guessed from this Kenyan elopement inspiration board I'm really intrigued by the idea of eloping somewhere exotic to get married. (Be sure to check out this post before doing so though since it has some pros and cons you should definitely consider!) But what I've become even more intrigued by is 'brides bringing hope' - meaning, brides and grooms using their wedding to not only bring happiness to their own lives, but hope to the lives of … [Continue reading]

sunday edition

wedding ideas and inspiration roundup

Welcome to the Sunday Edition! This one is pretty major. There was just SO much gorgeousness around the wedding blog world! But before we start - did you catch the fun announcement this week? If you're a photographer and have been wanting an excuse to come out here to Hawaii, you should definitely check this out! 1. Bayside Bride shared a wonderfully preppy wedding and I'm 99% sure that the robe in this picture is from Pretty Plum Sugar - cute isn't it? 2. … [Continue reading]

bird themed wedding (reader request)

bird themed wedding inspiration board

I'm so pleased to bring you another reader requested wedding inspiration board today! This red bird themed wedding comes to you from Kimi and James who are planning an outdoor springtime wedding that incorporates elements like birds and apples and is mildly reminiscent of Snow White. Kimi wrote that "the palettes I have found that use red are almost always suited for fall or winter, but our wedding is going to be in the spring. I don't want to use a palette of … [Continue reading]

atelier manon pascual

Atelier Manon Pascual couture wedding dresses

I don't think I've ever said 'drool-worthy' on this blog (and I'd put money on that) but I'm going to now. This shoot from Mirentxu Bellet at Tra'coeur d'images of Manon Pascual's stunning couture gowns is truly drool-worthy. There. I said it. But it's so true! Manon Pascual works in a small workshop near Quinsac in the Burgundy region of France where she makes her dresses in the old French tradition of haute couture while drawing inspiration from the lovely … [Continue reading]

vintage tropics

vintage tropical inspiration board

I'm loving the vintage 1920s topical vibe in this wedding inspiration board - it's proof that Hawaii weddings don't have to be your usual barefoot, sand between the toes type of deal. Combine glamorous elements like touches of gold with natural textures, tones, and island motifs for a stunning 'Downton Abbey meets vintage island style' wedding theme! This inspiration board is so gorgeous it deserves to be brought to life. And guess what - it is going to be!!! Are … [Continue reading]

disney wedding series: part 2

Alice in Wonderland wedding shoot / Sarah Kathleen Photography

Welcome to the second part of our Disney wedding series from Sarah Kathleen Photography and Ever After Artistry! Did you miss part one? Check it out here. Today we've got two more remarkable inspiration shoots: one portraying a stylized version of a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding, and the other is Alice in Wonderland. Get your pinning finger ready because there is tons of gorgeousness ahead! What really makes this Beauty and the Beast inspiration shoot come to … [Continue reading]