wedding styles

find a look to match your style: 

Upscale / Posh // is refined and modern, with occasional old school charm. Sometimes traditional, always classy, never trashy. Posh girls likes weddings in grand estates, five-star hotels, art museums, or in front of globally renowned landmarks.

Rustic  // is a DIY kind of ‘gal. She adores country venues, forests, greenhouses, backyards, wide open fields, making daisy chains, and kicking back with her boots off.

Retro / Vintage / Historic // is retro lovin’ all the way. Tea length dresses, vintage trains, planes, suitcases, classic automobiles, the roaring twenties and the mod sixties, she loves every unique era and adores adding these kinds of touches to weddings.

Quirky / Offbeat // enjoys unique  themed weddings, those one of a kind affairs everyone is sure to talk about for years to come. She is whimsical, thinks outside of the box, and isn’t afraid to be herself.

Beach / Coastal // needs some sand between her toes at all times. Whether it’s a cliff-side view over the Aegean Sea, surfing in California, or wandering a swampy estuary in Ireland, beachy brides loves the salty breeze wherever she is.

Romantic // loves lace, layers of tulle, white washed cottages with enough room for two, and anything with a sweet, sugary, soft, feminine touch.

Fresh // has a clean, simple, sometimes trendy and modern taste level.