date my brother

Tall (6’3 to be exact), handsome, twenty-something, Air Force pilot. Likes gourmet cooking, fine wines, poker nights, traveling, and kittens. Treats his mother right. Remembers birthdays. Seeking single, fun, female who enjoys the outdoors, cozy movie nights by the fire, ski trips to Vail, upscale dining, winters in Minot, and summers in Guam. Has plane. Will fly.

photo credits: cookies, modern airplanes, wedding sign, bride and groom, bouquet, cake, reception area, flight attendant, flower centerpieces. 

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  1. WOW and double WOW. WoWnderful fun theme and photos……

  2. Well, he sounds like quite a catch, it cant be too hard to find him a date!

  3. Ok, okay… I’ll volunteer! 😉

  4. Liliana Aranda says

    If he can handle my spicy lasagna & Italian style Tri Tip then he would be a great catch for me!! Momma like 😀

  5. Sounds like a catch!! And I’m single!! Imagine that 😉

  6. Damn. Looks like I’m a year too late! Haha

  7. Does he like Irish girls. I had a bridesmaid that I’m trying to convince to move here….

  8. Well, then if he doesn’t mind a required trip or two to either Anguilla , Haiti or Jamaica every year then I would love to meet him!