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black and modern wedding

Long Island City is the westernmost neighborhood of Queens in New York City. It has the highest concentration of art galleries, studio space, and art institutions of anywhere in the city.

Speaking of art, this board is calling to mind a term I read in an art book once: geometric abstraction. I hang my head in shame and admit that I don’t know much about geometric abstraction, but I do know that it became really popular in post-war Europe and was a huge influence on all that funky 1960s minimalist furniture. The canvas below was painted in the 1940s by Piet Mondrian.

Are you a fan of this style? I have to say that while I admire it, I couldn’t rock it. My house is way too messy for anything this clean!


This stylish real wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty, photographed by Photo Pink, and took place at The Foundry.

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  1. Looks more like a room divider to me…..but that’s just my perspective on the “art”. I prefer that little edible piece of artwork in the bottom right photo.

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