monkey see, monkey do

The precursor to the modern zoo was the ‘menagerie’, which dates back to the ancient world. The oldest known zoological collection was uncovered in Egypt and is believed to be from 3500 B.C. The animals included hippos, elephants, baboons, and wildcats. Zoos existed in ancient Greece and Rome, and Henry I of England kept lions, leopards, and camels in his garden. The oldest existing zoo is in Vienna and was founded in 1752 by the Hapsburg monarchy. Human beings were sometimes displayed in cages along with animals to illustrate evolution. In 1906 the Bronx zoo held a Congolese pygmy in a cage with a chimp and an orangutan to show ‘the missing link’ between the orangutan and the ‘white man.’ It triggered protests from the clergy, but the public flocked to see it.

photo credits: giraffe, save the date, peacock table, party favors, cake, paper cranes, &, peacock, flamingoes.

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