orange crush

Crush sodas go all the back to 1916- who knew?! Orange crush was the first flavor, but others soon followed. Clayton J Howell used the term ‘Crush’ for the soft drink’s name to to refer to the process of extracting the flavors from oranges. Any crush fans out there?

For sustainable bubbles (of the non-carbonated, soapy kind), look no further than Hand in Hand. ¬†For every bar you buy, Hand in Hand donates one to help prevent water born illnesses in children. They’ve been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, In Style, and Good Housekeeping. Their extensive list of good deeds includes being fair trade certified, petrochemical free, and your shipment even includes carbon offsets and eco-friendly packaging. And did I mention that it will leave you feeling and smelling divine?

photo credits: chairs, record, orange flowers, orchard, tin pail flowers, pickle jars, blue dress, party hats, girl in orange skirt, orange house, embroidered heart.

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  1. I love this board… and orange is not typically a color I gravitate to ! Really nice blog !

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