rainbow brite revival

Starlight, starbright, someone hit me up with some Rainbow Brite! Rainbow Brite was a popular kids tv series (originally a hallmark card creation), that followed the journey of the show’s namesake as she is kidnapped and taken to Colorless World, where she befriends Twink, finds the Sphere of Light, and rescues the seven Color Kids. They then discover the Color Belt and finally defeat the King of Shadows. Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids return to Rainbow Land and are placed in charge of all the colors on Earth. How can you not adore this show?

photo credits: candy bar, dresses, bridesmaids, cupcakes, umbrella, groomsmen, flowers, cake, bottles, silly string, bouquet, invite, ice cream with sprinkles.

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  1. This one is beautiful!!! You should do a military/navy/marine or Patriotic inspired one, Titanic, The Great Gatsby, **Jane Eyre (my sister really wants this one), a Tango/Flameco inspired one, Twilight, The Hours (movie & book), Jazz, Cartagena Colombia one (South America) inspired by the bright colors & general festive atmosphere, Christmas one (e.g. Christmas markets in Germany)…….just some thoughts 🙂

    • Great ideas! I’ve an Air Force themed one (check A-Z for ‘Date my Brother’) Titanic seems a bit tragic… Jane Eyre – yes! That’s a brilliant idea! And I’ve got more international ones on the way soon! xx

      • You’re right Titanic is tragic lol……I guess it was just on my mind since it seems to be everywhere else nowadays……I’m happy you like Jane Eyre though & my sister & I will be looking out for it.

        • Actually you’re right – I’ve seen loads of Titanic inspired wedding shoots lately with the 100th anniversary of its sinking, and I made the mistake of mentioning that it was a tragedy to another blogger on twitter and she stopped following me LOL. oops! Jane Eyre board will be up sometime in June! xx