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The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress began in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. Prior to that, royals wore richly brocaded gowns, with red being among the most popular color. The transAtlantic account of Queen Victoria’s wedding caused American elites to follow suit, and because of limited laundering techniques (imagine getting kidney pie out of your whites without the use of bleach or OxiClean!), wearing white showed that the bride’s family was so wealthy that she could afford to be adorned in a gown that would be ruined with any work or minor spill.

What to do when you spill wine on your wedding dress? I say – laugh it off. (Easy for me to say now… I stuck with white wines on my wedding day!) However, your maid of honor should have her handy dandy ‘day of’ survival kit with a tube of baking powder, baby powder, or white chalk in it to use to disguise the stain. Don’t use more permanent treatments like bleach pens or spot removers because they tend to damage delicate fabrics.

Adorable SHEmergency and HEmergency survival kits for everyone in your wedding party found here!

photo credits: cake, ballon table, chandelier, paper flowers, candles, shoes, rock candy, tie, and all the others.

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