watercolor wedding

A watercolored wedding theme is remarkably beautiful! Your day will look like a true work of art. Incorporate watercolors into everything from a hand painted cake to your custom wedding invitations and thank you cards. Watercolors are by nature soft and feminine and a wedding based around them would be spectacular!

watercolor shoe

photo Credits: table, plates, drinks, thank you cards, dress, candles, invitations, mason jar, hawaii map, escort cards, bouquet

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  1. I love that place setting. Sooooo pretty. Can you plan my wedding after you find me a groom? Appreciate it. This request is more important than the one I had about those shoes on your grey/pink inspiration board.

  2. Fabulous Wedding decoration, you are soooo good at color matching~’ Sweet feelings.

  3. Watercolor paintings are simply gorgeous and so it this inspiration board…easy to recreate: drip soft pastel paints down the sides of glass candles holders…create a Monet styled cake by ordering a simple tiered white cake that you add soft silk flowers…soft peonies in colored glass vases…artist or art student ‘s water-colored rendition of the bride’s dress…oh yes, this would make a fabulous wedding!