blue and white china

Blue wedding

The technique of cobalt blue decorations seems to have come from the Middle-East in the 9th century through decorative experimentation on white ware. Cobalt blue pigments were excavated from local mines in central Iran from the 9th century, and then were exported as a raw material to China.The blue-and-white technique was fully developed in China with porcelain technology in the 14th century.On some occasions, Chinese blue and white wares also incorporated Islamic designs, as in the case of some Mamluk brass works which were converted into blue and white Chinese porcelain designs.


This lovely inspiration shoot was featured on Snippet & Ink, styled by Ariella Chezar, and photographed by Meg Smith.

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  1. I want to live inside this board! It is very Cape Cod-chic to me and is overflowing with character and a modern twist on classic elegance. Looove it! Keep up the great work Burnett’s Boards!