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Dachas are Russian second homes, usually located in the outskirts of the city, and rustic in nature. Because of the size restrictions put in place during the Soviet era, dachas were built with massive attics and multilevel verandas in order to get around these restraints.

Dachas are generally used during the summers, but some families who reside in them year-round are referred to as dachniks, and it denotes a certain type of country lifestyle. The first dachas appeared during the reign of Peter the Great, and during the Age of Enlightenment lords would use their dachas as a place for lavish country parties and cultural discussions. Today, Russia’s nouveau-riche build dachas that cost millions and resemble palaces and castles.

Russian matryoshka dolls (also called nesting dolls) are popping up all over the place! Consider adding a touch of cuteness to your wedding invitations with this adorable stationary set.

photo credits: wooden church, fire place, train, cake, bouquet, hot chocolate and cider bar, ice skates,tree sapling wedding favors, horses, pine cones, bride.

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  1. Very cool! I thought that house was a cut paper collage at first!