french chateau

French country chateau wedding

Looking to purchase your own French Chateau? Check out the castles (literally!) here. I’ve got my heart set on this 34 million Euro stunner with an indoor lap pool (a must!)

Husband to me: “keep dreaming.”

Perfectly elegant and chateau-worthy bridal jewelry available at Bespoken For.

Pink and gold wedding details: wedding cake, pink and gold dress, marzipan cherries, and gold shoes.

In order to avoid going over the top at your wedding with pink and gold, keep both of them soft and subtle and mix in neutral hues like grays, tans, and ivories. A pink and gold palette would be absolutely perfect for a winter wedding, warming it up some while still keeping it cool and classy.

photo credits: tulle dress, country lane, cake, chateau, perfume bottles, lingerie.

perfect pairing photo credits: dress, heart candies, gold shoes, marzipan cherries, silverware, cake.

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  1. Um, can you plan my wedding for me? I love love love this board almost as much as I love this color combo. Resign yourself to the fact that you will most likely have to wear a shade of pink as a bridesmaid…

  2. OMG!!!! This is you at your absolute best!! 🙂 this board is gorgeous. I love that it has gold, pink, chateau, & pearls….what more could a girl really wish for?! Anyways I love pairing the “majestic” look of gold with the “sweet innocence” of light pink & the simple elegance of pearls. This board is one of your best or in my opinion your best one so far! By the way, I took a “peek” at those French chateaus & 3 hrs later I was still drooling over them…

  3. I love the sequin top and tulle bottom dress
    who is the designer???? where did you buy it??

  4. One of my favorite boards. The metallic and pink bridesmaid dress is wedding perfectly.