Rustic Nashville wedding


The Nashville, Tennessee round…

Which former President and Nashville resident had a driveway shaped like a guitar? Andrew Jackson!

What famous Nashville candy is made of chocolate, marshmallows, caramel, and peanuts? Goo-Goos!

After drinking a cup of locally produced Nashville coffee, who coined the phrase ‘good to the last drop?’ Theodore Roosevelt!

Who was raised in Nashville, and the first African-American female to hold an anchor position in this town? Oprah Winfrey!

Which Nashville building is the tallest in Tennessee and lovingly known as the ‘Batman Building?’ The AT&T Tower!

Which WSM radio announcer called Nashville ‘Music City’ in 1950, thus giving it it’s nickname?  David Cobb!

Now, normally, seeing a mutilated antique book would literally make me weep (see the last paragraph in my About page to find out why) but these vintage book pop-ups from Love & Found are amazing works of art. They’re perfect for table numbering, gifts to the bride and groom, or could you image proposing with one? She opens the gift, a book! She opens the book and…(yes!)


This real wedding (I know, right? Too cute to believe it’s for real, but it is!) was featured on Style Me Pretty, photographed by Love is a Big Deal, and took place at Historic Cedarwood, in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  1. This is absolutely my favorite board! It’s where I got my table number inspiration! So for my official entry into the contest, this is my fave!