wedding portraits

Vintage wedding portraits

My mother is a fabulous decorator and in one of the guest bathrooms at my parents’ home in Fulshear, Texas (population 816), there are at least 20 vintage photographs in black frames. I find myself being creepy and lurking in the bathroom all the time just taking them in – examining each minute detail of the clothes, their expressions, their shoes…

The image on the bottom in the center is of Florence and Jack, taken in the 1940s in Liverpool, England, where they set up their home, but later had to move to Speak because of the bombing during World War II. When Florence had her first child, she had to go to work and started cleaning for a farmer’s wife, apparently the two of them were quite the gossips – the history behind vintage pictures is just so fascinating!

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photo credits: top row: one, two, three, bottom row: one, two , three, four, color pictures.

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  1. love the second and fourth pics in the last group of pics,
    But the pics in the bottles scare me.. It looks like people are traped inside !