cowboy culture

Cowboy dictionary:

Badman: also known as an outlaw or desperado.

Bandana: a humble piece of cloth. Paisly-print red fabric is more functional than just as a wardrobe accessory.

Bandoleer: a belt fitted with loops for carrying cartridges. If you’re a soldier, wear it across your chest.

Bars: toothless gap between the horse’s teeth where you put the bit.

Bell-horse: lead horse with a bell around it’s neck in order for the wrangler to locate the herd.

Branch: one side of the horseshoe.

Bridle: use to give directions to your horse.

Chaps: leather leggings to protect your pants.

Chuck wagon: mobile kitchen.

Cowboy: an attitude, whether male or female, that you carry throughout life.

Filly: lady horse, or attractive woman.

Gait: movements of the horse at various speeds.

Hobbles: restraints that fasten around a horse’s front legs to keep it from running off while the cowboy is taking a nap.

Jinglebobs: small metal weights that make sounds against the spurs to warn off snakes.

Lasso: a rope designed to be thrown, tightened and pulled.

Lick: cowboy dessert made of biscuits and honey.

Mad hatter: phrase that came from hatters who made caps made of beaver pelts. They would inhale too many fumes and act crazy.

Maverick: stray longhorn that is hard to catch and pen.

Mustang: wild blooded.

Plunder: a cowhand’s personal belongings.

Remuda: group of horses that accompany cattle drives so that you can switch exhausted horses.

Westerns: a distinctly American genre of books, movies, literature, and TV series.

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  1. Winebibbler says

    I love western flair and the dichotomy between the ruggedness of western chick and the feminism of weddings. There is something definitely sexy going on when the two come together.