pink flamingo

pink and blue wedding ideas and a super cute pink flamingos

Chevron patterns are taking the wedding world by storm! Just look at that fabulous chevron patterned cake in the inspiration board above. But what exactly is a ‘chevron’ and where did it some from? A chevron is an inverted V shaped pattern that traces its roots back to very early Greek pottery designs (very early as in 1800 BC). The city-state of Sparta used the Greek letter lambda (Λ) on it’s shields and other insignia. In later history the chevron pattern was used in heraldry and today is used on military uniforms to denote rank.

Chevron patterning is a beautiful and modern way to splash some color into your wedding!

chevron wedding

photo credits: sun hat, flamingos, cake, cupcakes, pink parrot, flowers, shoes, fish, camera

photo credits for chevron board: rings, reception table, napkin, cookies, spoons, cake.

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