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Alice in Wonderland Wedding

In today’s ‘guest posts while I’m in Cuba‘ series, we have Joanne, the wedding invitation guru of All About Wedding Invitations, here to tell you about planning your wedding on Pinterest. I chose this Alice in Wonderland wedding inspiration board because Pinterest, as Joanne is about to tell you, can be beautiful, magical, awe inspiring, but sometimes a little unnerving. I thought it somehow appropriate 😉

Take is away Joanne!

“In the past, brides would drop piles of bridal magazines on their coffee tables, break out the scissors, and start cutting away at pages filled with ideas for their wedding. The snippets would be later pasted or taped into a binder that would grow every week until it was bursting at the seams with inspirations.

Today, these bridal binders and notebooks have largely been replaced by Pinterest, a phenomenon that has taken the wedding world by storm. After being invited to join the site, users set up virtual pin boards and start searching for inspiration. Once a picture of the perfect gown or bouquet is found, it can be virtually pinned to the user’s page for quick reference later.

The wildly popular site is used by thousands of brides and even women who have yet to get a ring on their finger. Searching and pinning is easy and, according to some users, addictive. It’s easy to get swept up in the site’s thousands upon thousands of pins from other users, and virtually any website’s photos can be fodder for the boards, making it a non-stop source of wedding inspiration.

Many brides use the site to make a visual map of all their celebration’s details. Instead of wondering whether their plum bridesmaid’s dresses will clash with the lavender bouquets, they can check out both images side by side for instant reference. The site makes it easier to make decisions because brides can view the big picture with ease. However, Pinterest can sometimes make planning a wedding more difficult.

Brides who were sure that they wanted a red-themed gala may log onto the site and be bombarded with shots of sapphire soirees and question their color choice. Once enthralled with sapphire, they may log on the next day to see lovely lilac themes and change their mind again. With so many options instantly available, it can be difficult to make a decision and stick with it.

The DIY route to decorating and planning is exploding, and Pinterest is one of the main reasons why. Creative brides can find a wealth of inspiration and advice on Pinterest’s boards. There are pins for everything from homemade jam favors, bouquets, cakes, and even dresses. The most popular DIY wedding projects include intricate paper flowers, creative invitations, hand sewn fabric bunting, and hundreds of ideas for filling mason jars with everything from lemonade to flowers.

Clicking on a pin takes users to the photo’s origins, making it easy for users to download instructions, templates, and supply lists for each project. In just a few clicks, a bride can learn how to sew a ring bearer’s pillow, make custom bridal shoes, create an eye-catching inner envelope for invitations or print a memorable save the date card. The inspiration and instructions are all in one place.

The popularity of Pinterest inspires brides to be creative and try their hand at a variety of projects that once were the exclusive realm of wedding vendors. The result is a personal, budget-friendly, and unique wedding that will produce a lifetime of memories. For many beautiful and pin-able wedding favors, visit PaperStyle.”

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