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Teal and Yellow Wedding

Today’s guest post comes to us from the lovely Taina of A Kiss of Color, and she’s here to tell us about dessert receptions! (Sounds good to me!)

“Many people think that a full meal is needed at a Wedding. Well on today’s blog I’m here to tell you that I beg to differ!

 When you plan your Wedding day you are planning a day to celebrate the love that you both have for each other, the commitment that you are taking and the new journey that you are about to begin in your life. It’s a day where you express the things that you both love and share together as a couple and a day where you have chosen to share that with your family and friends.

 Many people fear planning a Wedding due to the cost. Catering, Wedding cakes, Florists, etc. the bill adds up, but what I’m here to tell you is that there are ways around this. There is not one reason in this world that a couple shouldn’t be able to celebrate their love and commitment with their family and friends because of money! There are many ways to plan a Wedding without going into debt or emptying your bank account, you just have to be open minded and not be focused on what people might think and say. This is YOUR day, not theirs so plan the Wedding that YOU can afford, the wedding that YOU love, and the wedding YOU have always dreamed of having.

The desserts reception….it’s not the type of reception you see often, making it unique in my book but it’s a great way to save, save, save! Desserts and pastries if you know where to shop are inexpensive and you can always find a friend or relative that has that one great dessert recipe they love to make. Cookies, pies, milkshakes in shot glasses, cupcakes, the works! There is no reason that a reception like this can’t be a great one. I have three rules to making a reception like this work. One, make sure to note that you are having a “dessert reception” on your invitation. This will let guests know that they should have dinner before attending your event. Two, make sure that you make your event in the late evening meaning after 7pm so that guests have time to get ready for your event and have dinner before they make there way to your reception. And three, have a great variety of desserts for your guests to indulge in. Giving guests lots of “eye candy” and different choices will fill their hearts and their tummies!

Guests will enjoy themselves no matter what and will appreciate the uniqueness of your event. You have a reception to celebrate, dance and have a great time not to feed people a feast that you can’t even afford! Trust in your heart and plan the event that you want to have.

 I promise that you won’t regret it!”

About Guest Blogger: “I’m the owner of A Kiss of Color and a Wedding & Event Planner who’s obsessed with Art, Design, Photography, Fashion & DIY projects. Designing is what I was born to do so I’m doing it! Modern, Chic and Rustic event design is my specialty. I really enjoy taking a handmade approach with the events that I plan. DIY projects, burlap, lace, candles, fabric, mason jars THE WORKS! I feel this approach is budget friendly and really adds a personal touch to any Wedding or event.

Another part of my business is my Blog. I absolutely love blogging and I love that my blog allows me to write about the things that I truly love.. Art, Design, Photography, Fashion & DIY projects. I love sharing things on my Blog to inspire readers. Inspire someone looking for an idea for their Wedding. Inspire someone who was looking for a project. Inspire someone who just needed to be INSPIRED. Designing is what I was definitely born to do. I feel at home, in my comfort zone and completely at peace when I design. Art and Design is what I crave.

Learn more about A Kiss of Color by clicking here, and if you enjoyed this post add my blog to your daily reading list!”

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