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Costa Rica Wedding

I’m going to be brutally honest here – one of my friends said to me recently, “why don’t you have any African American couples on your wedding inspiration boards?” ¬†I blushed. I fiddled with my hands. I didn’t know what to say! Such an oversight on my part. It really hadn’t crossed my mind but there I was, shame faced and guilty as charged. And that got me thinking… I consume wedding blogs like my favorite white cheddar popcorn. I eat them up, everyday, all day long and the ‘big blogs’ who have tens of thousands of twitter and Facebook followers, the weddings that are featured, 99% the time, are white people (ok, maybe it’s less than that but the other most represented demographic is ¬†definitely Asians, not African Americans, and I haven’t seen many Latinos now that I think about it either…). And so since that’s where the photographers’ images show up, and thats where inspiration board creators like myself pull those images from, that’s what gets shown. It seems self-perpetuating. It is self-perpetuating.

I am going to try to diversify where I find my inspiration from, but what do you think? Is the bridal blogging world white washed or am I just looking in all the wrong places? Please leave a note below!

and to get back to the topic at hand –

Start your destination wedding off right by sending guests these super cute, retro tropical wedding invitations. Who could say no to these? Available from Coral Pheasant.

Tropical wedding invitations

Tropical wedding invitations


This darling real wedding was featured on Jose Villa’s blog (<—aka: the amazing and well known wedding photographer, he’s a total ‘must have’) and took place in Costa Rica. And to see a blog post about Coral Pheasant’s amazing stationary, click here.

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  1. I do think that the “bridal world” is not diversified enough, or perhaps it is that you have to look harder to find ethnic diversity. So basically it’s doable yet a little more work. Being Latin myself, I was glad that at least you were made to realize that your boards need a little more diversity…….most people don’t even realize this sadly.

  2. It makes me smile that you would even ask yourself this question and give an honest assessment. As an African American woman that’s engaged and planning a wedding… it’s hard to find African American’s represented.
    I would love to see everything be a lot more diversified, and not just with blacks, but with other cultures as well.

    Love this post!

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