bazooka joe

Retro pink wedding inspiration and ideas

Remember Bazooka Joe bubble gum? And the fun, eye patch wearing kid on the comic strips that they came wrapped in? And of course the sugary sweet goodness of those little pink gums, and how you’d end up chewing 10 of them in an hour because the flavor died so fast? I used to love that gum! And that, of course, is the inspiration behind this bubble gum pink board. The detail I’m loving most right now are those pink bubble gum popsicle soaps – aka, the perfect bridesmaids gifts!

I uploaded a picture of this glamourous gal (below) only to realize that I think she’s flashing the bird, but it could be her index finger… either way I’m leaving it. If you’re going to show some road rage, then do it with style 😉

retro convertible photo credits: diamond earrings, lights, wedding cake, pink milk shake, pink bow tie, popsicle soaps, retro sunglasses, retro convertible.

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