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Bohemian wedding in Bali

Can’t quite make the flight? Why not bring the Balinese style to you? It’s not as hard as it may seem. First, for your venue, find a private estate with a pool or a hotel with a pool and surround the pool with low lying lanterns. If there are any water fountains place plumeria flowers on the surface, and toss some in the pool and along the aisle as well. Paper lanterns and Balinese style umbrellas are readily available for purchase over the internet and add a nice international touch to your decor. For the reception table be sure to use natural wood table runners and green touches on the centerpieces. Use calla lilies for your bridal bouquet and Balinese gamelan players can be hired in most major cities for your reception entertainment. If you’re going the DJ route, be sure to request tunes from the Buddha Bar compilations.


This beautiful Bali wedding in the first inspiration board was photographed by Jonas Peterson.

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  1. this is incredible ! 🙂

  2. dream wedding! Absolutely beautiful!