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Floral print wedding

It’s no secret that ladies love flowers, and floral printed fabrics have been a fashionable item for hundreds of years. Dress designers are adding floral prints all over the place this season, and the Atelier Aimee dress in this inspiration board is especially beautiful. The floral print originates in Asia; throughout history, traders brought fabrics with ornate floral designs to Europe where they sold for very high prices and so floral prints quickly became a status symbol. Over time European manufacturers began to copy these fabrics to suit European tastes at a cheaper price, and the rest is history! A cute way to ‘floralize’ your life (or your wedding!) is with this DIY project from Fellow Fellow.

Floral print mason jars

Is your groom resisting the flower tie you bought him to wear to the wedding? Try this dot bow tie – it’s almost floral, and it’s cute.

wedding bow tie

And for the ultimate in floral dress, go for Ian Stuart’s stunner:

Ian Stuart Floral Wedding Dress

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