red hearts {guest post}

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Up today on the ‘guest posts while I’m on vacation series‘ is the lovely Lauren of Flat Broke Bride!

“Hello Burnett’s Boards Lovers! Flat Broke Bride here! I run a little independent blog about my journey to the altar! Along the way I am sharing with everyone my difficulties and my happinesses, (such as we JUST decided to move our wedding from 2014 to 2013!), as well as some great DIY projects for other Broke Brides to share! I wanted to start writing because we REFUSE to go into debt because of this wedding, but we are also totally broke! Other women must be facing our same situation, and I wanted to create a space for Broke Brides to swap ideas and commiserate about the huge expense that weddings are! The other interesting thing about us is that we aren’t formally engaged yet. My ring had to be on layaway for several months (so we could pay it down), and we recently financed it so we could take it home. We wouldn’t even have financed it if they hadn’t offered us 2 years interest free! We are so budget conscious that we put our engagement on hold to pay down the ring! So now the ring is safely in my husband-to-be’s hands, and he is taking FOR-EV-ER to plan the proposal! So if good things are worth waiting for, than this proposal will be AWESOME! 🙂

I also have just started featuring other Broke Brides on my site! It has been a wonderful journey to connect with other women who are facing the same struggles that I am! I’m sure that there are even more Broke Brides out there! I would love to feature you on my site! Let me know what you did to save money, and any advice you have for future brides! Come by my site: Flat Broke Bride and drop me a line at the Keep In Touch page, or e-mail me directly at I LOVE hearing all different wedding stories!”

photo credits: bride with Coca-Colas, wedding dog, cake topper, strawberry milkshakes, hair pins, heart cake, red heart garlands, heart earrings.

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  1. Love, love, love this one!!!! 😀