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Today’s guest post comes from the lovely, and newly married Ashley of Blush Love Wed fame and she’s here to tell us why, despite the current outdoor wedding trend, she happily chose a ballroom wedding.

Take it away Ashley!

“On my own blog, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time talking about my own wedding (which just happened on June 2!) but I plan to feature a week dedicated to it once I get the pictures back.  Mostly, I just want to give credit to all of the vendors who made our day absolutely amazing!

Today, I want to tell you why I {happily} chose a ballroom wedding.  When my honey and I were dating, I pictured our wedding many (many, many) times.  And when I pictured it, I saw us saying our vows under a big tree at his dad’s ranch, with the reception held under a large tent.

Then reality hit…

1. We live in Texas

For other Texans out there you know exactly what I mean.  Texas weather is unpredictable.  You never really know when it’s going to hit that 100-degree mark, and my honey is a major sweater (not the kind you wear – the kind that would disgustingly soak through layers of tuxedo and vests).

2. I’m not a fan of portable toilets

If we had the wedding out on my father-in-law’s land we would have had to rent portable toilets! The thought of my guests all dressed up having to squat over a portable toilet {makes me smirk a little} but is not very appealing overall.

3. I work a full-time job

An outdoor wedding (that is not at an experienced venue) can take a lot more coordination and event planning.   There’s a lot to think about logistically.  Sound was going to be one of the biggest issues, as well as running electricity out for the DJ and any lighting.   And this is in addition to having to rent the tents, chairs, and tables.

I would have loved the freedom that would have come with an outdoor wedding – I could choose my own caterer, bought my own alcohol, and scheduled the whole day on my own time.  But I don’t regret going the ballroom route at all.  After spending an hour taking pictures outside, I was thrilled to step into the air-conditioned building! And between the experience of my venue coordinator and that of my wedding coordinator, the day couldn’t have gone more smoothly.  The sound systems have already been tried and tested, the lighting has been perfected, and I didn’t have to coordinate the rental of tables and linens.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from going the outdoor route, but I hope brides-to-be to consider what an outdoor wedding really means.  If you are up for it, and have the passion and energy to pull it off, then it will be absolutely perfect!  Whatever you decide, don’t stress about it, and don’t second-guess yourself – there is no wrong answer when it comes to YOUR wedding.”

photo credits: reception, fabric flower, loose diamonds, blue topaz ring, bridal bouquet, Swarovski shoes, wedding cake, sparkle dress.

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