Steampunk Wedding

Burnett’s Boards fan Sheryl requested a steampunk wedding recently via Facebook, and here it is! Hope you like it Sheryl!

What is ‘steampunk?’ Well, to me, steampunk has always been a genre of literature (or sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy). It’s got some 19th century technology (the steam) mixed in with deconstruction and rebellion (the punk). This literature genre has seeped over into art, fashion, and design, and elements of it can be seen all over the place now. Steampunk emphasizes a balance between design and function and does a beautiful job of mixing Victorian aesthetics with mechanics. Don’t you love it?!

Clockwork Universe

Clockwork Universe by Tim Wetherell

Brass spider sculpture by Daniel Proulx.

This amazing real wedding was featured on Ruffled, photographed by Braedon Flynn, designed by Tricia Fountaine, and took place at Dos Pueblos Ranch in California.

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