a surprise wedding

pulling off a surprise wedding

This too cute for words real wedding was a surprise wedding! Can you believe it? The bride, Amy Moss (of the ever popular blog Eat, Drink, Chic) and her husband Mark surprised their guests at their engagement party with a wedding. She wore her mother’s 30 year old red flower bridal gown and styled her backyard wedding with rustic and vintage elements. To keep a fun ‘picnic vibe’ they chose outdoor friendly foods and served it all buffet style.

Here’s an exert from her post on her wedding (which you can read about in full here)

“At 3pm, Mark grabs everyone’s attention and begins his speech, thanking everybody for coming and relating stories about how we met and how we were friends for many years before we eventually got our acts together and became a couple. At the conclusion of his speech, he casually lets it slip that we are going to be honouring our commitment to each other in the form of a civil wedding ceremony here today before all our guests. The collective gasp, shocked and delighted faces, raised arms and exclamations such as “You sly dog!” were pure gold! I wish I could live in that moment forever!”


This real wedding was featured on Eat, Drink, Chic, and was photographed by Jonathan Ong.

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