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Rose colored wedding inspiration

I’m really excited about today’s guest post by the lovely Christina of Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe. Her blog is absolutely adorable and so much of her bubbly personality comes through it. Click the images below for purchase information for her lovely, sugary creations!


“Well hello hello sweet friends of Burnett’s Boards!

My name is Christina, and I’m a sweet-a-holic. No? This isn’t that place? Shoot. I am the author and creator of Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe. Better? Ok cool. Gosh, I have to admit…I’m a little nervous…phew! Shake it off Christina, get a hold of yourself! I’ve never guest posted before! …Well, that’s not entirely true- I have done one teensie tutorial on another wonderful blog- but for some reason this feels different. Gosh look at me babbling on and on about NOTHING.

That’s one thing you’ll learn real quick about me- I am a talker! A babbler, even. I tend to write exactly like I talk…which may or may not be a good thing. So what? Who cares?? (Insert Fred Armisen voice there)

*Clears throat*

I am just so incredibly honored to have been asked by Miss Sara to be a guest blogger on her super fun and quirky wedding blog! I love this blog! Who doesn’t, amiright?? When she proposed the question to me, I couldn’t respond fast enough! I tried to play it cool, you know do the whole “wait a few days so you don’t seem desperate” thing…kind of like in dating. But in all honesty I knew as soon as I finished the email that this was something I was totally going to do. Like, totes.

So since I’m here and have full and complete control over what you’re all reading at this very moment (BWAHAHAHAHAHA  can you sense the evil laughter here?) I’d like to talk to you about something I just swoon over: Edible Wedding Cupcake (and Cake) Toppers!!! More specifically….my edible wedding cupcake and cake decorations. Hehehehehe.

Back when I got married, in 2008 cupcakes were really starting to become THE THING to have at your wedding. Cakes were cool and all…but a huge cupcake tower made to look like a wedding cake? Now THAT was neat! Like the fad followers we were, my husband and I indeed had a giant cupcake tier displaying the most delicious (in my not so humbled opinion, sheesh) cupcakes we could get our paws on. I really loved the idea of not having to have some 3-4 tiered cake rolled into the back kitchen for cutting and serving. We simply cut into one- shoved it into each other’s faces, and then asked guests to come up and grab their own sweet treat. It was way more personal, way less formal, and totally fun.

So that got me thinking- wedding cupcakes are the new wedding cake! Wedding cakes have decorations…sooooOOooo wedding cupcakes need decorations! Wedding cupcakes need CUTE decorations… You get my point.

And Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe was born.

I wanted to be able to hand make edible cupcake toppers (and cake decorations) that I would have had on my wedding cupcakes! We decided to have a little shop up on Etsy to display all these decorations. We’ve sort of grown from there- parties, engagement parties, birthdays, etc etc…but when we first started it was to create neat one-of-a-kind edible decs/cuties (as we call them) that people could use on their very own sweet treats. We’re constantly researching for and creating fun new cuties. It’s almost become a “needs help” obsession of mine. I feel like I’m so in love with this darn job I could burst! It’s all I think about- dream about even! I live, eat, breathe, sleep edible cuties! Stop me now!

 Anyway, I hope you’ll join me as we take a little gander into some of the things we spend ALL our waking time with- these guys ARE our best friends. Just give me a one-way ticket to Loser Ville already. Here are just some of our most favorite wedding (or bridal party/ engagement session) inspired edible cupcake and cake decorations…for you know…your viewing pleasure…or something.

Thanks for hanging around and an even bigger thanks for letting me come here and show you all what we do! I hope to see ya around 😉


I’ve always been in love with anything and everything involving food since I was a little girl. From watching Food Network everyday after school (what 12 year old does that??) to sneaking raw eggs into my room so I could try and whip egg whites like they did on t.v., I couldn’t get enough. So naturally, after a few years of college I enrolled and then graduated from the California School of Culinary Arts, back in 2005 with a Le Cordon Bleu degree. I have since acquired an even more extreme obsession with desserts, especially cupcakes! That’s exactly what inspired my blog and Etsy. I wanted a place to be able to come (even if virtually) and sit and chat with you all (my friends) about life, faith, hobbies, loves, and of course DESSERT! I feature recipes, things I’m totally digging at the moment, my life, and some DIYs. I wanted to be able to make unique one-of-a-kind edible decorations that I knew you all would love. So grab a cup of tea and a sunny spot in the room, and let’s have a chat.”

photo credits: biscuits with rose yogurt, pink door in Cuba, rose colored dress, vintage bottle, wedding invitation suite, and the large hearts and Xs and Os were taken by Jodi Miller Photography – all the other lovely cupcake toppers were taken by Christina!

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  1. Oooops! Just the Large Hearts and X’s and O’s were taken by Jodi Miller 😉 The rest were taken by yours truly! Yay! 🙂

  2. Christina is so awesome!! She is not only on my favorite bloggers and edible decorations creator, but she is a sweet friend! She also made the edible decorations on my son’s first birthday cake!!! She is AMAZING!!! Yay Christina!!

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