Emerald Wedding

I’m back in Hawaii today – Cuba was fantastic! I’m planning a post about it with some pictures from my trip – as well as some dos and don’ts for those of you thinking about visiting, so check back on Thursday for a ‘postcard from Cuba!’ And of course a HUGE thank you to everyone who wrote a guest post while I was gone. They were a true hit! I think I’ll have to vacation more 😉 In case you missed it – there were 12 posts guest posts that covered such topic as…

ballroom weddings, being a flat broke bride, darling cupcake toppers, a groom’s point of view, finding color inspiration, choosing a wedding photographer, romance novels (part 1 and part 2), using Pinterest to plan your wedding, dessert receptions, photo editing and photography filters, and staying calm before your wedding!

Today, while I recuperate from that horrifically long flight, I have this lovely emerald green inspiration board for you. Jewel tones are so stunning and regal – I can’t get enough of them, however, I do feel that with jewel tones you have to choose wisely and carefully to avoid going ‘too dark.’ I’ve got another jewel toned post coming up for you in a few days!

Amanda Pearl has some fantastic sculpted sparkle that is perfect for any jewel toned wedding, and don’t forget that when you buy anything from her store, type in the code BurnettStyle for a discount!

photo credits: shoes, emerald hearts, vintage car, fairy lights, dress with balloons, neon sign, green beaded necklace, vintage bottle.

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  1. I love it! They say that green is the “real” color of green…

    • 😀 btw Vanessa, I’ve finally gotten around to creating that ‘post war pink and brown’ board you requested ages ago – will put it up in a few weeks. I hope you meant post WWI because that’s what I went with! xx

      • Yes, that’s exactly what I meant & can’t wait to see it!!! & btw I meant green is the “real” color of LOVE

  2. It seems to have an Irish flair to me! =)

    • LOL hadn’t thought of that but now I can see it!

      • Just a quick question: are you going to do the Jane Eyre board? & hope you had fun on your vacation!!!

        • Yep! Jane Eyre is scheduled for July 7th! I thought Gloria requested it though…? Let me know because I mention the ‘requestee’ in the post! And I had a BLAST on my vacation – have a non wedding related post about it coming up on Thursday with loads of pics.

          • Yes, she did request it but I’m a fan of the BBC series adaptation + the book so when I saw her comment I also wanted you to do it.

          • Awesome! I’ll give you both a shout out 😉

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