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Jane Eyre Wedding Inspiration

This is a fan requested board from Gloria and Vanessa – I hope you both enjoy it! Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte  is one of my favorite novels, and recently one of my favorite movies. Some of the atmosphere from the novel (and movie) that I tried to include are the Yorkshire moors with its lovely purple heather, fire (not going to spoil it here… if you don’t know why read it! It’s a great book!), and of course the color gray – adds some mood and atmosphere. Plus, if you’ve ever been to England gray is the usual color of the sky 😉

Jane Eyre

photo credits: Toms shoes, wine bottle candle sticks, vintage book paper garlands, veil, Yorkshire moors, vintage purple bottles, Vera Wang wedding dressorganic oatmeal soaps (great bridesmaids gift idea!), movie poster, book cover.

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  1. Cristina says

    I love love love this even though it isn’t pink and gold (I apparently have an obsession according to my roommate who just took a peek at my Pinterest account). So romantic! This makes me want to watch that movie all over again.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this board!

  3. I think you truly captured the romantic yet mysterious feel that the story portrays.

  4. Jane Eyre is my favorite book and I’m totally planning to have a Jane Eyre themed wedding! But what I will say is if you want the definitive film version you MUST watch the 2007(2006?) BBC adaptation with Ruth Wilson as Jane and Toby Stephens as Rochester. It’s the only version long enough to really capture the nuances of the book without skipping any steps like most of the film versions have done. It’s a big story and it needs the time to take place. Joining pinterest just so I can make cute boards like this!

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