jewel tones for the young at heart (reader request)

Jewel toned wedding

Can you believe it? I’ve got another fan requested board for you today (and two more coming up tomorrow and the day after!) from the lovely Gail of OliverInk (who also wrote a fantastic guest post for us). Gail requested a jewel toned wedding inspiration board for her niece who is getting married and using emerald green, amethyst, royal blue and fuchsia colors as her palette.

Normally when I see jewel toned weddings I think ‘old.’ They can easily looks a little dark and dated so I thought I’d provide one for the ‘young at heart’!

Hope you like it, and to everyone out there – feel free to send requests my way anytime!

photo credits: shoes, bridal bouquet, feathers, macaroons, Anatolian patchwork rug, purple and blue succulents, silk scarves, geometric pattern necklace (the last two would make perfect bridesmaids gifts!)

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  1. beautiful….

  2. Love it! So gorgeous and bright!

  3. As usual, another beautiful inspiration board. Thanks so much for doing this Sara!

  4. Wow I didn’t know my aunt was doing this. Thank you so much! This is beautiful and very close to the look I’m going for. Bright jewel tones rather than dark ones. And the mix of colours in the bouquet are especially gorgeous. It is certainly giving me some ideas. Again, thank you.

    • Of course! And congrats on your engagement! You’ll have to send some wedding pictures!!! đŸ˜€

      • Thank you! Will be sure to do. The wedding isn’t until next year but I’ll remember to send some pics over then.

  5. I also love it! Especially love the shoes, the bouquet, the scarves and the feathers!
    Thanks so much!
    Laurie (MOB)

  6. this inspires me for my future wedding.. so different to other wedding theme..