Marigold Wedding

Marigold is such an unexpected color – and perfect for weddings! In the process of picking your wedding palette? Here are some tips:

Let the location speak to you. Your venue will already have prominent colors so let them dictate your choices and pick shades that compliment what is already there. For instance: a beach wedding would look stunning with natural whites, blues, tans, and nudes.

Use the season. Picking season appropriate colors is always a good way to go. Rustic burgundies, greens, and browns, are perfect in late fall and winter, while softer pastels are great for spring.

Choose a dominant hue. Pick one color first, like light purple, and then shades to accent it with, such as lavender, grey, and dusty pinks. Figure out your vibe. Do you want your wedding to be electric (hot pink), calm and relaxing (natural greens), or glamorous and sophisticated (clean whites)?

Lighting. Lighting can make or break an event. Consider using event lighting in your color choice to add to the mood. If you’re using hanging crystals in your centerpieces, be sure to place candles or overhanging chandeliers nearby so that they sparkle.

Use color palette websites. There are loads of color palette websites out there to help you pick complimentary colors. One of my favorites is Big Huge Labs – you simply upload a picture you love (say… an inspiration board you found on Pinterest) and it generates the complimentary colors for you.

Loving this marigold board? You’ll love these color combinations: goes with marigold

photo credits: bouquet, bride with balloons, heart invitation, wedding cake, marigold clutch, table display, color swatches.

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  1. I love this color marigold, thanks for sharing this with us. It gives us more ideas on what to choose for a color theme for a wedding.