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neutral wedding colors

I am very excited to have Gaby and Mimi from Mimi & Co. on the blog today to talk to us about table decor trends!

Take it away ladies!

“A Mimi & Co’s favorite that is heavily trending right now is Vintage Rustic themed linens.  In this economy, savvy Brides have started recycling (up cycling) items they already had in their possession or family heirlooms that have been passed down for generations.  Grandma’s doilies, lace linens, vintage china sets etc all make this trend unique to the bridal party and keeps on giving.  A great way to incorporate the trend is with classic ornate see-through lace linens in burlap, white and ivory in table runners, small overlays which also add a feminine touch to otherwise rustic wood tables.

Another popular trend that we love is COLOR!  This year RED will be popular; picnic inspired print linens and barn chic themes.  How else can you serve mini apple pies on a stick and pair it with refreshing drinks in mason jars at a wedding?

country chic

Another trend we see and love is designing a wedding around your favorite brand, for example the fabulous Betsey Johnson!  The Betsey Johnson inspired linens have red hearts, skulls, bows and all is perfect for the Punk Rock Bride or a bride that wants something different!  The “tulle” skirting on the chairs and tables can be added to really any look as seen also in the picnic linens.

rock n roll

Destination weddings are the RAVE but for the bride that is not able to travel the new trend is creating a destination inspired wedding by dressing up your tables with linens in prints that portray your destination, from Hawaii to Wine Country. Our favorite thing about this trend is that when you incorporate print linen you don’t have to spend much on what goes on top of the table.  This is being budget friendly to the max and that in itself is also a trend!”

destination wedding table

Company: Gaby & Mimi: two sisters bonded forever by sisterly love and their love of weddings founded Mimi & Co. in 2009.  The sisters grew up like most little girls dreaming about their wedding day, how it would feel to walk down the aisle in a big gown and dance in a beautiful reception hall.  This dream turned into a reality as they both found themselves working in the bridal industry and took that experience to the next level by creating a unique niche in the wedding industry- couture linens.  A couture bridal gown is not new, why not couture linens to elevate weddings and fulfilling the vision that the two sisters had growing up.  Never could the sisters have imagined what an unparalleled company their aspirations would establish. Today Gaby & Mimi work together in in a 10,000 square foot warehouse helping to translate bridal dreams into the most gorgeous linens in the world and as you walk by their office, you can hear them giggling and enjoying each other‘s company just the same as when they were little girls.

photo credits: (from inspiration board) gift box, earl grey cupcakes, cake, bridal bouquet, rehearsal dinner, mason jar, champagne bottles, cheesecake pops. All others are from the lovely Mimi & Co.

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