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1980s Themed Wedding

A 1980s themed wedding is sort of the ultimate in wedding themes. I mean, who hasn’t been to an ’80s’ party before? There is so much to love (and miss) about the 80s. If you’re going to be a retro 80s bride, check out these fabulous bouquets from Floricultcha. They don’t come more retro than these:

Offbeat bridal bouquets

Another sort of 1980s, but it’s ‘oh so trendy right now’ trend is the photo booth. I have something of an issue with the photo booth because while I love it, I see mustaches on otherwise gorgeous brides all the time. I’m not a fan of the mustache photo booth prop – so I’ve found some pretty awesome alternatives for you.

Avoid the ‘stash at all costs. Why not try a cute bow tie? You still get to gender bend, and in 30 years from now it won’t remind you of your upper lip hair issues, which by then will be an actual issue.

DIY bow tie photo booth props

Have pre-written phrases, words, and sentences and allow guests to come up with their own hilarious messages for you!

photo booth props

It’s a wedding – giant rings would be cute!

photo booth props

Ties  =  cute and much better than mustaches…

photo booth tie props

Glam it up Venetian carnival style with glittering masks.

photo booth props

Turn your photo booth images into a guest book by having guests write messages for you!

 photo booth guest book

For an awesome and unique backdrop create a giant paint sample strip. Incorporate your wedding palette to tie it all together.

photo booth backdrop

photo credits: 1980s style bride, boutonnieres, cassette tape escort cards, Pac Man cake, boom box tote (for an awesome 80s bridesmaids gift), cassette tape thank you, Etch a Sketch picture, rubix cube sandwich (aka: the cubewich)

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  1. Being a child of the 80’s I kind of love this! The pac-man cake is my favourite part.

  2. Hahahaha love the little bit on the bow ties (which are adorable) “You still get to gender bend, and in 30 years from now it won’t remind you of your upper lip hair issues, which by then will be an actual issue.”

    So true. I’m sad. I don’t want to grow up.

  3. Eeeeeep! I love love love love!

  4. I love this board!! It’s awesome and soooo fun!

  5. I am having a retro/music themed wedding in less than 7 months…Where can I get the neon green cassette tapes???!!!

  6. Bonnie E. Ayre says

    Where are the directions to make the chalkboard (black) photo booth props?

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