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Anna Karenina Wedding

Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy, is the (tragic – but you can ignore that bit for your wedding) love tale of the married Anna and the oh-so-handsome Count Vronsky. Despite the somewhat gruesome outcome of this story (I don’t want to spoil it here if you haven’t read it), it would make  for a romantic wedding theme. What’s not to love about posh Russian socialites? Plus, you can easily incorporate vodka and caviar into your menu (major score!)

Caviar and buckwheat blinis (recipe here)


And don’t forget the Russian vodka:

vodka and caviar

As if using caviar and vodka in your wedding weren’t enough incentive to go with an Anna Karenina theme, just wait until you see the movie trailer (release dates):

If you’re as much of a Slavophile as I am, you’ll also love the Russian winter wedding inspiration board called dachnik.

photo credits: Vera Wang Hazel wedding dress, ballet flats, pink wedding cake detail, Hermitage palace interior, fire and ice martini, Russian winter, beluga caviar, pearls and pink roses, caviar and buckwheat blinis, Russian vodka.

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