cotton candy

pink and red wedding inspiration board

My favorite detail in this red and pink wedding inspiration board is the picture of the cotton candy cupcakes. They are absolutely adorable, have a definite whimsical vibe, and they look delicious. If those cupcakes and I were left alone in a room together only one of us would come out alive (and it would be me.)

Cotton candy is a cute, fun, and budget friendly addition to any wedding!

Use cotton candy at your dessert bar

cotton candy wedding

cotton candy wedding

cotton candy wedding

Decorate your wedding cake with it…

cotton candy wedding cake

 Use it for photographs:

cotton candy wedding

Wear it

cotton candy boutonniere

Use cotton candy as a bouquet

cotton candy bouquet

Decorate with it…

cotton candy wedding decorations

Give cotton candy as wedding favors

cotton candy wedding favors

Drink it…

cotton candy drinks

And finally, you should definitely eat it!

cotton candy

Are you a cotton candy queen? Check out: pretty pastels & carousel horses and paper dolls.

photo credits: red chair with bouquet, boutonniere, hanging pink ribbons, red ribbon detail, cotton candy cupcakes, Louboutin shoes, bride, lace heart straws, pink drinks.

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  1. I love the cart with the candy floss in it, where could I get a cart like that

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