marfa, texas (real wedding)

Marfa, Texas wedding

Sometimes I run across a real wedding that is just too special and too perfect not to share bits and pieces of it with you. Emily and Colby’s Marfa, Texas wedding made my heart sing.

Everything about it is so amazing! The antlers (lord knows I love me some antlers at a wedding), the bright colors, the art car – it’s ‘Texas quirkiness’ at its best.

Plus, on a more personal note, back when I was in college at a university in Texas (Rice), I wrote a research paper about the mysterious ‘Marfa Lights’ which can be viewed near U.S. Route 67 just east of Marfa, and have been described as paranormal, ghost-like, and possibly even UFOs. Sadly, (because how cool would it be if they were otherworldly!?!) they were discovered to be atmospheric reflections of automobile lights and camp fires.

Anyway, this one-of-a-kind Texas town holds a special spot in my heart, and this perfect wedding brought out the best in Marfa.

Marfa, Texas

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All of the images in this inspiration board are from a real wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes, photographed by Natalie Shelton, and took place at The Capri Lounge in Marfa, Texas.

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