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Sailboat Wedding

I’ve always dreamed of living on a sailboat. That way I can just pull the anchor up and go wherever I want. Realistically though,that’s probably never going to happen. The next best thing if you’ve got similar dreams is to be married on a sailboat! Please welcome Nitin of ArtQuest Flowers – he’s here to tell us about why getting married on a boat is such a brilliant idea.

Take it away Nitin!

“I say ‘It’s all about the experience’

To be wed on a yacht is a wonderful memory to  make!

Amazing sunsets, 360 degrees views of the city, and crisp blue skies are just a few of the many reasons you might want to consider this option. The fleeting thought of having a wedding on a boat is exciting; an experience that is very appealing to couples. It’s all what you dream of and more. It’s the epitome of romance, where you hold hands and look into the horizon and dream of your futures together. Seems a little corny, but it’s not. Take it from someone who has been on many cruises.

To dig a little deeper into details, based on your guest list, you can choose a boat and have an intimate wedding where you can exchange your vows in the presence of your family or choose a luxurious yatch, invite 300 of your closest friends and have a gala celebration. Most boats come equipped with a bar, seating arrangements, ceremony and reception areas, and a dance floor. There are a lot of yatchs and boats out there that can compliment your personality. You can even transport your guests to the Victorian Era

… or have a simple wedding.

The options are endless when you think about it and without a doubt it will exceed your expectations by leaps and bounds.

Getting married on water has its own benefits. Having a wedding on a yacht or boat is truly a luxury. You not only want your family and friends to be a part of your special moments but you also want them to enjoy it, right? So giving your guests an experience they won’t forget is a luxury in itself. Picturesque 360 degree views, birds flying back home and sunset bouncing of the tall sky scrapers – I can go on and on.

When it comes to decor, all you would need is eye catching statement pieces be it floral or lounge furniture and you are set. For your reception you can choose from finger foods to cake shooters which are perfect for a brunch or have an exquisite feast while you watch the crisp blue water and the blanket of stars. I call it  ‘Dancing with Stars.’ Depending the time of year and location, and  if you’re lucky, you can also see a school of dolphins swim by your boat.

To sum it all up – ‘I believe it’s all about the experience!’

Tip: Before just diving into this idea, go on a simple dinner cruise to see how you feel about the experience.  Furthermore, if you have motion sickness I would not recommend this for you!”

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