sunday edition

Retro vintage beach

I am off to Fiji today so I thought I’d do something a little bit different for this week’s Sunday Edition: a list of things I’m looking forward to during my vacation! (by the way, I’ve worked my bottom off creating and scheduling new inspiration boards for you, so be sure to stop by, gawk and coo over the new inspiration boards, and leave some love while I’m gone!)

What I’m looking forward to doing in Fiji: 1. Spending some quality ‘fun in the sun‘ time with my husband (by the way, that is not a picture of us, sadly I’m not that cute). 2. Exploring the islands 3. Catching up on reading during the flights 4. Snorkeling! 5. Relaxing  6. Fun water sports 7. Drowning myself in tropical cocktails and 8. (ooops! forgot to put the number on the board) seeing the stunning beauty of these tropical islands!

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  1. Have a fantastic time!!! Love the Sunday Edition 🙂

  2. Um, let’s be real. You are much cuter than the girl in #1! Seriously 🙂