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Sunday Edition -

How was everyone’s week? My big news is that we finally bought tickets for our Fiji trip! I can’t wait. I’ve got admit, despite being an 8 hour plane ride away from my family, living in the middle of the Pacific has its benefits in that exotic getaways are a lot closer for me than for most. There are a lot of wonderful things happening on my favorite blogs so lets get down to business:

1. I’m not a foundation wearer; the closest thing my makeup comes to being called ‘foundation’ is a layer of powder. I just find it difficult to wear and I am outside so much that I seem to change colors on a weekly basis. This article, however, gave good pointers though and has encouraged me to try foundation again.

2. Oh So Lovely shared a great DIY on how to paint the insides of bottles. Let’s admit it, there are a few of us (myself included) out there who would have been painstakingly trying it with a really long brush 😉

3. Glitter Guide (and pretty much every other fashion publisher) has declared cap toe shoes as one of the must have items of the season. Yay!

4. You’re going to fall in love with this whimsical and retro hot air balloon engagement shoot.

5. I don’t own folding chairs, but I suddenly feel like I should because then I could give them a DIY makeover and have them look like that amazing one above in orange.

6. French Wedding Style shared some truly inspirational pictures showing us all how to use succulents in wedding decorations.

7. I’ve finally got my hands on Vogue’s September issue. It’s a must read not only because there is a fabulous article about Lady Gaga in it (trying on wedding dresses no less) but also because I can’t stop staring at the Louis Vuitton spread. LOVE that look. The only problem I’m having is that I like to read in bed and this 800+ page tome is nearly impossible to hold up without seriously endangering my face.

8. You’ll throughly enjoy these lovely and artistic pictures of Paris.

9. Love My Dress shared this amazing vintage 1930s styled village wedding. Everything about it was pretty fantastic, but the piece that stole the show for me was the wax cornet style headpiece.

10. Roald Dahl lovers: get your hands on one these mugs before I buy them all.

11. I’ve had some very interesting conversations with friends lately and weirdly enough, this past week a lot of them have revolved around ‘not having something in common with someone.’ I truly believe that you can find common ground with any other human being. Too many people write off friendships or possible relationships because they think they have nothing in common with the other person. Or you think that because your friend is married now or has kids and you don’t that you no longer have anything to talk about. That’s just BS and Sarah of Yes and Yes blog couldn’t have said it better than with #16 on her list of 33 Things I’ve Learned in 33 Years. #16 reads: “Regardless of a person’s gender, age, race or religion there are common denominators to the human experience – falling in love, being homesick, laughing at baby animals. You don’t even need to speak the same language to share an appreciation for these things. You’d be amazed how far you can get with most people just by smiling and asking them questions.”


12.And last but not least, this playful summer camp elopement on Green Wedding Shoes is such a perfect note to end summer on.

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  1. This Sunday Edition was, by far, my favorite. I took notes on makeup (next time I go out no one will recognize me), have a new DIY project involving pressed glass bottles and thoroughly enjoyed the photos from the vintage wedding in England (my second favorite country in the whole wide world). In my next life I want to be a photographer as the images I am seeing here are stunning, fresh and creative.