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I have to admit something – I first created this board back when I made three wedding inspiration boards for bachelorette Emily Maynard’s wedding, and this blue and white one was supposed to be for Jef. But, (and if you’re a huge fan of the show or a Jef Holmes stalker then you’ll know what I’m taking about here), it just didn’t feel like him (I think I should have included a skinny tie somewhere and a little more edge!), so I didn’t include it in the post. And it’s all a moot point now that they are broken up. By the way, was anyone else as completely and utterly dismayed at their breakup as I was? Oh lordy I was SO SAD! (and heck yes I am clinging to these rumors that there may be a reconciliation on the way!).

Ok, all that aside, you have to admit that even if it isn’t quite on par with Jef’s bad- boy style this blue and white inspiration board is pretty sweet. One of my favorite details in it is the picture of the bride holding up the hem of her wedding dress with her wedding date embroidered on it. In honor of that brilliant idea I’ve rounded up some of the sweetest ‘something blue’ details out there to help inspire you to include your own baby blues on your wedding day:

wear blue shoes


add a blue cardigan for autumn and winter weddings…


rock some blue nail polish


This bride sewed part of her dad’s shirt to her dress (since he had passed away before wedding)…


‘get away’ in a blue car


commemorate your love on your groom’s tie


have your bridal party write a sweet note of love and good wishes on your shoes before you walk down the aisle…


accessorize with blue earrings


find blue soled shoes… (Christian Louboutin had a one time bridal line with Tiffany blue soles, they are no longer available, but many shoe dying and repair stores can dye the soles of your shoes!)


wear a blue garter


add a blue ruffled petticoat


and be sure to live happily ever after


What is your favorite something blue?

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photo credits: drink shakers, drinks <via I love Southern Weddings Magazine, dress detail, tile escort cards, blue party poppers < from Martha Stewart Weddings, calla lilies, DIY lily altar backdrop and bouquet on chair < from Ruffled, cake < via Sweet and Saucy Shop, tent reception < via Style Me Pretty, white shoes.

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